Discover Scuba

Explore the underwater world! This workshop is perfect for those who are curious about scuba diving, but not ready for a full-blown certification course. Learn how to use and move in the scuba equipment, plus other key diving skills. Then, use those skills during a dive in the confined waters of the swimming pool. In partnership with Adventure Sports Kansas.

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Discover Scuba Date Night

Make your date night one to remember! After an introduction to use of the scuba equipment, couples will be underwater and enjoying an evening swim in the pool! Then, dry off and finish the evening with a dinner under the stars! In partnership with Adventure Sports Kansas. Fee is per person and partner must also register.

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Swim Experiences

Bubble Makers

Ready to blow bubbles? Kids will learn about - and use - scuba gear that is just their size, while in the shallow end of a swimming pool. Practice includes playing cool games like underwater tag or with water torpedoes. In partnership with Adventure Sports Kansas. 

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Bubble Makers Family

Take the plunge! Kids will have the opportunity to learn about using scuba equipment and then enjoy using those skills as they swim around the pool. The best part is that you get to share the experience with your favorite adult for a fun family adventure!  In partnership with Adventure Sports Kansas. Fee is per person. Parent participation is required.

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