Integrated Care Team

ICT-1 Collage

About the Integrated Care Team (ICT-1)

WPD has been part of ICT-1 since its pilot inception in 2019. With increasing calls related to mental health, it was important to develop a team comprised of law enforcement, paramedics, and mental health professionals to assist those in crisis and allow patrol officers to be available for emergency calls. WPD was instrumental in implementing the program and in seeking continual funding for this program beyond the 90-day pilot period. The efforts of this integrated team have positively impacted working with citizens in crisis and providing the best quality services to the community.

Currently, ICT-1 is a multidisciplinary, co-responder program aimed at providing resources to those in the community experiencing a mental health crisis. The team is a collaborative effort between Sedgwick County and the City of Wichita and is comprised of a Qualified Mental Health Professional, a Law Enforcement Officer, and a Paramedic. They respond to the emergent mental health crisis in the community, identified through the 911 system and the COMCARE Crisis system.

Participating agencies in the ICT-1 program are WPD, Wichita Fire Department, Sedgwick County Emergency Medical Service (EMS), and COMCARE. The comprehensive team responds to patients who are experiencing suicidality, substance use issues, psychosis, delusions, and many other mental health issues.

View the ICT-1 Sedgwick County Dashboard for more information on all ICT-1 calls, responded calls, turned down calls, total time spent on calls (hour), and calls where the ER visit was avoided.