Police Reserve Officer

Application Process

To become a Police Reserve Officer the following steps must be completed:

  • All applications are completed online. You will be asked to fill out additional paperwork as the application process continues. The online application can be completed by clicking "First Contact Questionnaire". For Veteran's Preference, see below.
  • The written aptitude is a 100-question examination. The applicant will have one hour and forty-five minutes to complete the examination. The aptitude test is given every Tuesday and Thursday in the City of Wichita Human Resources Department located on the 2nd floor of the City Building, 455 N Main, Wichita, Kansas. Please call 316-268-4531 in advance to schedule the test.
  • The First Contact Interview with a member of the Pre-Employment Section. The applicant will complete the interview packet then it will be reviewed by the applicant and a member of the Pre-Employment Section.
  • The physical agility test is conducted every Wednesday at 9 am at the Wichita Sedgwick County Law Enforcement Training Center. (Weather permitting.) The applicant will first be required to complete the suspect chase. The suspect chase consists of negotiating a five-foot wall, a three-foot wall, running and climbing through a window four feet from the ground, and then running back to the starting line in 47 seconds. Total distance is 160 yards. The suspect chase is located on Academy grounds in Sherwood Park so applicants can practice at their leisure. The second portion of the physical agility test is the body drag. This consists of dragging a 158 lb. dummy 30 feet in 9 seconds or less.
  • A background investigation will be completed.
  • Passing an Oral Board Interview.
  • Successful completion of all steps will place the applicant on the eligibility list.
  • Successfully passing the Command Staff Interview. This interview panel consists of a Lieutenant, Captain, Deputy Chief, and Chief of Police.
  • If nominated by the Chief of Police for a position as Police Recruit Officer, additional testing will follow, including:
    • Completing a polygraph examination that is administered by a State Certified Examiner. The examination will confirm the information noted on the applicant's first contact packet.
    • Psychological examination. Applicants will be evaluated by a licensed psychologist.
    • Physical examination. Applicants will complete a medical examination administered by a licensed physician.
    • Cooper's Run. (1.5 miles run in 14 minutes or less).
    • Upon successful completion of all steps, an appointment to the Wichita Sedgwick County Law Enforcement Training Center is made by the Chief of Police.

Veteran's Preference

If you are interested in receiving Veteran's Preference, you must submit your DD 214 during your first contact interview at the Training Center. Qualified veterans are guaranteed an interview for a position to which they apply and meet the qualifications for the position, but are not guaranteed to be hired for the job. Spouses of veterans may also receive preference and must submit a copy of their marriage license with the DD 214 paperwork. Applying is easy. Simply open the link below and follow the link for applications. After signing in, complete the fill-in application, print it, and follow the directions on the cover letter. Please contact Human Resources at 316-268-4531 to confirm the application has been received and processed.

This Is a Non-Paid / Volunteer Position

This position requires a minimum of 20 hours of service per month. The general duties of this position are the protection of life and/or property through the enforcement of laws. Work performed involves an element of personal danger. Employees work under general supervision following a period of field training and may be assigned to work on patrol, at headquarters, on special assignments, or as plainclothes investigators. Employees are accountable to and evaluated by field commanders who review work methods and results through observation, reports, inspection, and discussion.

  • Patrols areas of the city on foot, horseback, or in a vehicle to preserve law and order, prevent and discover the commission of crime, and enforce motor vehicle and parking regulations, and correct traffic hazards.
  • Answers calls and complaints received by radio, telephone, or in person involving emergency, disorder, and crime.
  • Interviews persons with complaints or inquiries takes statements, and tends to the proper disposition of the information or directs them to proper authorities.
  • Conducts preliminary investigations, gathers evidence, and locates witnesses.
  • Makes arrests and/or takes prisoners to jail.
  • Appears in court to present evidence and/or testify as required.
  • Conducts specialized investigations and raids.
  • Conducts police-related community awareness and public relations work.
  • May administer basic first aid.
  • The examples of work performed are not intended to be all-inclusive. The City of Wichita reserves the right to assign additional duties as needed.