Traffic Signals & Signage
Are you needing to report that an existing Traffic Signal or Sign is missing, damaged or vandalized? 
  • You can report this to Street Maintenance at (316) 268-4013
Would you like to request new Street Signage? Having an issue with a Traffic Signal or Crosswalk?
Do you have a overhead streetlight out in your neighborhood? In order to get this repaired you will need to provide, the location, or address of the streetlight and its pole number that typically starts with an A or B followed by numbers.
  • You can report a streetlight outage to Evergy 
Do you live in the downtown area or are visiting the downtown area and see a decorative streetlight out?
  • You can report a decorative streetlight outage by emailing the Traffic Team with the location or address of the outage.

Streets & Construction

Are you working in the Street or Right of Way and need to request a temporary Street or Sidewalk closure for construction purposes?

Are you having trouble with seeing past something in the City Right of Way?

  • You can report a possible site obstruction by emailing Miriam Lopez

Are you wanting to become a Licensed Cement Contractor so you can perform work within the City of Wichita? 

Are you a realtor, developer or citizen wanting to know how many vehicles are traveling through the City of Wichita? Take a drive through our Traffic Flow map!

 Want to avoid a closed road? Plan your drive by checking out City of Wichita's road closure map before you travel!Are you curious about Construction & Maintenance projects? Stay up to date on Construction and Maintenance Projects within the City of Wichita by viewing the latest Bulletin!

Are you needing help with applying for a permit for a Monitoring Well, Recharge Well, Test Well or Groundwater Probes? Take a look at the Instructions below!


Condemned Sidewalks

Needing to report a sidewalk in poor condition? 

  • You can report this to Engineering at (316) 268-4418 or by emailing Valerie Lack.

Are you wondering who's job it is to keep a sidewalk clean & clear of any Debris? 

Per City of Wichita's Ordinance, 

Sec. 10.04.100. - Sidewalks and rights-of-way to be kept clean by abutting property owners or occupants.    

It is unlawful for the owner or occupant of any parcel to allow paint, soil, grass, leaves, sand, gravel, rocks, dirt, filth, mud, papers, stone, snow, ice, refuse, rubbish, or any other material to accumulate and/or grow over the abutting sidewalk, alley, or right-of-way.

  • You can report violation of Sec. 10.04.100, to Engineering Division at (316) 268-4418.

Have a Traffic Complaint not mentioned above?
You can send traffic related concerns not mentioned above by emailing the Traffic Team. Please note, your concern may be re-directed to the appropriate department or agency in or out of the City of Wichita. Leaving your contact information will increase response times!