Solid Waste & Recycling Program

In November 2012, the City of Wichita enacted a Solid Waste Plan that requires local trash haulers to offer single stream, curbside recycling, and a lower rate for a smaller cart size. The purpose of this page is to provide you with information you can use to assist with choosing a trash hauler. We have provided an online survey for residents to enter the rate they pay for trash service (and recycling, if applicable) and to view the rates that others have reported paying.

How the Plan was Developed

In 2010, the City of Wichita worked with citizens and the hauler community to develop a solid waste and recycling plan that addressed community concerns. In the Fall of 2010, City Council members were presented with a proposal that would create a Solid Waste Hauler Cooperative. The 2010 proposal addressed community concerns:

  • Limited recycling and overabundance of waste dumped into local disposal sites
  • Increased traffic of waste-hauling trucks on residential streets

Many citizens expressed concerns with the proposed Cooperative, especially in regard to the price for service and freedom of choice to select a trash service. To address these issues, the plan was revised in 2011 with the goal of increasing recycling in the community and decreasing the waste stream while keeping the free market open for solid waste collection. In the first year of the plan's implementation, the number of Wichitans choosing to recycle through their solid waste hauler increased by over 17%.

Available Waste Haulers

View a list of all residential and/or commercial solid waste haulers currently in operation in the City of Wichita. A permitted waste hauler will have a decal posted on both sides of the truck. If this is not clearly displayed on the truck, please contact the Department of Public Works and Utilities, Office of Environmental Health at 316-268-8351.

Quarterly Trash Hauling Rate Survey

Please consider filling out our Quarterly Trash Hauling Rate Survey.

If you would like to provide your quarterly trash hauling rate for inclusion in our database, enter the amount you pay for 3 months of service.

If your rate changes, please return to the survey and reenter your new rate information.

Help / Resources

Solid Waste Hauler Permit Information

Solid waste haulers must permit their trucks through the Public Works and Utilities Fleet Division and must apply and sign a contract through Environmental Health. For more information about truck permits, contact Fleet at 316-268-4040.

For more information about hauler contracts, contact the Brooks Landfill Program Manager at 316-268-8351.


Waste Hauler Issues

If a waste hauler missed your scheduled pick-up or you have other customer service issues, contact your waste hauler using the phone number listed on the Available Solid Waste Haulers list.

If a waste hauler refuses to offer you single-stream recycling or a smaller garbage container, contact Environmental Health at 316-268-8351 or email the Brooks Landfill Manager.

Recycling Resources

Sedgwick County Recycling Guide

The Sedgwick County Recycling Guide is a detailed recycling guide listing facilities that accept various items and materials for recycling in Sedgwick County.

PRo Kansas Recycling Center

The PRo Kansas Recycling Center is a non-profit organization that accepts a large variety of recyclables as a free service to the community.

Tours of the facility and presentations are offered to schools, scout troops, and other community groups on the importance of "The Three R's: Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling."

The PRo Kansas Recycling Center is located at:
725 E Clark
Wichita, KS 67211-5008

They can be contacted by calling 316-269-1359 or via email (tours/presentations only).