Sponsorship Opportunities

We need your support in making this year's Open Streets ICT a successful and enjoyable experience for attendees. Open Streets ICT is not sponsored by the city or large corporations. To keep this an event "for the community, by the community", please consider making a financial contribution toward Open Streets ICT.

Become a Supporter of Open Streets ICT

Open Streets ICT brings Wichitans of all ages and fitness levels together for an active, fun, community-building afternoon on an iconic street in Wichita. Open Streets ICT closes usually busy streets or avenues to traffic and opens the street to young and old alike to enjoy biking, walking, running, dancing, yoga, entertainment, food, art, music, and more. Open Streets ICT is designed to elevate the quality of life health and well-being of the Greater Wichita community -and you're invited to be an important part of this difference-making initiative. This initiative needs individuals and businesses to commit to its success and sustainability.

That's where you come in! We need your support to make this unique, community-building opportunity a success.

Your support of Open Streets ICT communicates something meaningful and memorable to the people of our community about you, your business, and your brand. When you support Open Streets ICT, you demonstrate your commitment to public health, your dedication to the people of Wichita, and your investment in Wichita's economic vitality.

Sponsorship Form (PDF)

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kids racing in the street on inflatable animals during Open Streets ICT