Brooks Landfill

NOTICE: Brooks Landfill is increasing fees effective January 1, 2024. The last standard tipping fee increase was on January 1, 2017.

Fee Schedule

MaterialsCurrent Fee Fee (effective January 1, 2024)
Secured load (Standard fee)$34.50 per ton$38.00 per ton
Unsecured load$50 per ton$50 per ton
Minimum charge$20 per load$27 per load
Non-friable asbestos (call ahead for authorization)$54.25 per ton$60.00 per ton
Friable asbestos (call ahead for authorization)$42.50 per cubic yard$58.00 per cubic yard
White goods (Freon free)$5 per unit$10 per unit
Freon items$40 per unit$50 per unit
Logs, stumps, railroad ties, and other like items greater than 3' in diameterStandard fee plus $19.80 per tonStandard fee plus $22.00 per ton
Mattresses / box springs (any size)$10 each$20 each
Electronics$20 each$35 each
Rubble rate (clean concrete)$15 per ton$17 per ton

$5 each$10 each
Super Single / Semi
$15 each$20 each
$50 each$50 each
N/A$80 each
Skid Steer / Bobcat
N/A$50 each
Additional charge for any tire with a rim
$5 per tire$5 per tire
Mobile Homes and Trailers (tires and fuel tanks must be removed)Standard feeStandard Fee plus $100 handling fee
Batteries (Non-Lithium)N/ANo cost if the customer removes and takes, otherwise, $50 each
Batteries (Lithium)N/ANo cost if the customer removes and takes, otherwise, $200 each
Unauthorized Garbage / Household Trash$74 per ton$100 per ton ($80 minimum)
BarrelsN/A$100 per barrel plus cost of cleanup & removal
Remain After HoursN/A$50 per half-hour (1/2-hour minimum)

Immediate Burial
Standard fee plus $19.80 per ton$60 per ton
Pull-Off (at customer's risk)
$15 per pull$20 per pull
Backhoe Dig Off (at customer's risk)
$25/half hour minimum$50/half hour minimum
Stuck Vehicle Pull Out (at customer's risk)
N/A$50/half hour minimum
Items for Sale (as available)

$20 per ton ($20 minimum) plus sales tax$20 per ton ($20 minimum) plus sales tax
Mulch (mixed wood, course)
Free (call for information)Free (call for information)
Mulch (wood, fine)
N/A$20 per ton ($20 minimum) plus sales tax
Railroad Ties
N/A$10 each plus sales tax

For a printable version of the fee schedule, click here

For a printable version of the price schedule for items sold, click here.

Method of Payment

Cash, credit (Visa or Mastercard), or pre-approved commercial charge accounts.

Contact Brooks Landfill at 316-350-3225 to apply for charge account privileges. Charge account balances are due within 30 days.

Accepted Materials

Brooks Landfill can accept solid waste resulting from the construction, remodeling, repair, and demolition of structures, roads, sidewalks, and utilities, as well as tree debris and other vegetation. See the Construction and Demolition Waste Definitions Document (PDF) for additional information on what waste can be accepted.

Yard Waste Composting

Clean loads of grass clippings and leaves will be diverted to a composting site. This material will be composted and either sold to others or used on-site.

The normal disposal charge will apply. For information on purchasing wood mulch or finished compost, call Brooks Landfill at 316-350-3225.

Rejection of Load & Handling of Unacceptable Waste

Any load observed to contain waste not acceptable at a Construction and Demolition Landfill will not be allowed to be dumped at Brooks. Such loads will be referred to an appropriate waste disposal facility. Vehicles and loads that are rejected and have not dumped any portion of their load will not be charged a tipping fee. Unacceptable waste that is unloaded is subject to a 100% tipping fee surcharge as a charge for processing of load and proper disposal of all waste unloaded at this site. Some items may be accepted at other local facilities.

More information can be found in the Sedgwick County Recycling Guide.