Vendor & Activity Opportunities

Eligible Vendors

One of the goals of Open Streets ICT events is to display the culture of the neighborhood and to get participants to engage with the surrounding businesses and organizations. At Open Streets ICT, you can host an activity, represent your business, sell your products or all three! All businesses along the route are welcome to apply for free. While other family and pet-friendly businesses and organizations are welcome to apply for a small fee.

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Spacing & Fees

Non-Activity (10 by 20)$200
Non-Activity (10 by 10)$150
Food Truck$175
Activity (10 by 20)$100
Activity (10 by 10)$75
Business on RouteFree

Vendor Rules

Open Streets ICT is an active-oriented and family-friendly event. ALCOHOL is never allowed to be served at any Open Streets ICT event. Brick-and-mortar businesses along the route that serve alcohol will be allowed to participate. All eligible businesses and organizations participating in this year's event must be appropriate, mindful of families and pets as well.

Businesses along the route may activate the area in front of their storefront, but remain OFF of the main route, and ON the sidewalk or grassy area, at least 10ft from the street. This will help us to allow for higher bike/foot traffic than normal on the street with as little roadblocks as possible. Please consider providing sealed water bottles for individuals and/or water bowls for pets during the event.

Each participating business is responsible for cleanup during and after the event and must be off of the street and sidewalk by 6 pm for car and normal pedestrian traffic to resume. Failure to clean up your area before departing may result in the banning of future participation in Open Streets ICT events.