Backflow-Cross Connection Control

The City of Wichita wants to ensure that all citizens have access to safe, clean drinking water. An important step toward achieving this goal is to confirm water being used for irrigation systems does not mix with contaminants such as pesticides and fertilizers that could "flow back" into the City's water distribution system. Every citizen who has an irrigation system connected to the City's water system is required to have a working backflow device. This ensures everyone has access to clean drinking water.

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Licensed Backflow Prevention Testers

For your convenience, we have provided lists of contractors that are current in their professional certifications and are registered with the Cross Connection Program but are not specifically endorsed by the Utility. They fall into three categories:

These lists are not all-inclusive, and prices may vary among these companies. Prospective service providers may be reviewed with the Better Business Bureau or other suitable rating agencies. Appearance on this list implies an agreement to submit backflow testing completed for their clients within 10 to 14 days.

Backflow Service Portal for Backflow Testers

Please use the Backflow Prevention Program Portal to print test forms for your customers, enter test results completed in the field for submission to the Backflow Authority, and enter newly installed devices.

You must have completed your backflow certification and have obtained your annual registration card with the City as a current tester. If you have not yet registered to work in Wichita, please call 316-219-8917.

Contact Us

If you have questions about cross-connections or backflow prevention issues in your water system, email the Public Works Department or call 316-265-1300.