The City's grease control program exists to protect Wichita sewer lines from deterioration and stoppages due to Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG). FOG includes cooking grease and also comes from meat products (raw or cooked), dairy products, and even some plant products.

Municipal Code

All food service establishments that are served by Wichita sewer are subject to Wichita's grease ordinance in Chapter 16.24 of the City's municipal code. "Food Service Establishment" means any facility that cuts, cooks, bakes, prepares, or serves food, or which disposes of food-related wastes; including, but not limited to, food courts, food manufacturers and packagers, restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, lounges, hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, churches, and schools.

In most instances, all food service establishments must have a grease interceptor.

Permit Application

View the FOG Wastewater Discharge Permit Application (PDF).

Annual Permit Fee

The annual permit fee for all food service establishments is $180, which will be on the August or September water bill.