Automatic Grease Removal Devices

Automatic Grease Removal Devices (AGRD), such as Big Dippers, Grease Stoppers or Grease Guardians may be installed only after obtaining an approved variance letter from the Grease Control program. AGRDs have components such as belts, wheels, or skimmers to actively remove the floatable grease from the waste stream. In order to ensure proper functioning of the AGRD, the basket must be emptied of solids (food scraps) and the blades or wheel cleared of grease every day. The entire contents of the AGRD should be removed with a wet/dry vacuum at least once a month.


The following list of businesses have been known to sell and/or service automatic grease removal devices (AGRD). The City of Wichita has compiled this contact information to assist waste water permit holders in maintaining their AGRDs to ensure the permitted establishment remains in or returns to compliance with the Municipal Code of the City of Wichita, Chapter 16.24 - Grease Interceptor Requirements for the Sanitary Sewer System. This list is not all inclusive; there may be other businesses and individuals that may be contacted. The City of Wichita does not endorse or recommend one business or individual over another.


Any work on the plumbing system may require the use of a certified/licensed individual as set forth in the Wichita/Sedgwick County Unified Building and Trade Code, along with a permit issued through the Metropolitan Area Building and Construction Department. Contact the Permit Desk at 316-660-1840 or visit the Sedgwick County Metropolitan Area Building and Construction Department website for further information and requirements.

Maintenance Log for Automatic Grease Removal Device

A maintenance log documenting cleaning dates and other maintenance must be submitted to the Grease Control program each quarter.

The maintenance log must be kept in the establishment and made immediately available to any Grease inspector upon request.

Download and view the Maintenance Log for Automatic Grease Removal Device (PDF).

  1. Manufacturers
  2. Plumbing Companies
  3. Retail Companies
  1. Grease Guardian

    127 Cliffside Drive
    Yonkers, NY 10710

    Phone: 800-677-7861

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  1. Highland Tank (GreaseStopper)

    One Highland Road
    Stoystown, PA 15563

    Phone: 814-893-5701

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  1. Thermaco Incorporated (Big Dipper)

    P.O. Box 2548
    Asheboro, NC 27204

    Phone: 800-633-4204

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