Grease Interceptors

A Grease Interceptor (GI) is typically located outside, underground, and is accessible through manhole covers. This is the standard grease removal system.

The levels of floatable grease and settable solids must be measured once a month on the outlet side of the GI using a Dipstick Pro or an approved equivalent. Grease Interceptors need to be pumped by a grease hauler at least quarterly (every three months).

Service Providers

View a list of service providers. The City provides this list as a service to food establishments to assist in complying with Title 16, Section 16.24 of the City Code. This list may not be all-inclusive. Providing this list does not mean the City recommends or endorses any of the facilities listed herein.

Maintenance Log for Grease Interceptors

A maintenance log documenting the monthly measurements and quarterly pumping details must be maintained and submitted to the Grease Control program each quarter.

The maintenance log must be kept in the establishment and made immediately available to any Grease inspector upon request. Most grease waste haulers provide this service for their customers.

View the Maintenance Log for Grease Interceptors (PDF).