New Facilities

All newly constructed food service establishments as well as all establishments under new ownership are considered "new". In most instances, all food service establishments must have an outdoor, underground grease interceptor. Some existing establishments which pre-date current ordinances and policies may not have a grease interceptor in place. New business owners are required to comply with the current ordinance, regardless of the prior owner's operation.

Building and remodeling plans must be reviewed by the Grease Control program. There is no application or fee for this process, but you must contact Remilde Schotsborg or Correl Love at 316-303-8700 to discuss the proposed operation and plan review.

Some establishments which are deemed by the City to pose little or no threat to the sewer system may be authorized to operate with an automatic grease removal device or occasionally no device at all. AGRDs approved by the City of Wichita are the Grease Guardian GGX series, Highland Tank GreaseStopper and the Thermaco Big Dipper. Written approval must be obtained from the Grease Control program prior to installation of one of these devices. Facilities which may be considered for exemption to grease interceptor requirements include those such as coffee shops and other establishments with very limited food service activities.

Application for Variance

Any new food service establishment proposing to operate without an outdoor, underground grease interceptor must first submit an Application for Variance, menu, and a $50 application fee.

Download and view a copy of the Application for Grease Variance (PDF).