Office of Community Services

Office of Community Services Mission

The Office of Community Services will institutionalize a culture of improved community engagement practices that serve both City government and community needs while simultaneously building trust and meaningful partnerships with community stakeholders.

We will build capacity in neighborhoods and communities:

  • Assist with the development and implementation of neighborhood improvement plans
  • Increase revitalization efforts
  • Support the efforts to revitalize and form Neighborhood Associations, Home Owner Associations, and Community Organizations
  • Increase awareness and education in neighborhoods and communities

We will improve the overall quality of life:

  • Empower citizens to do more in their neighborhoods and communities
  • Provide access to City/social services
  • Provide opportunities for public involvement

We will increase the engagement of citizens:

  • Create partnerships (community-government)
  • Develop neighborhood and community-based programs
  • Assist with special projects
  • Attend and host community engagement meetings