Traffic Complaint

The Neighborhood Oriented Traffic Enforcement (N.O.T.E.) program is designed to provide citizens with the opportunity to alert the Wichita Police Department to potential traffic problems in their neighborhood or in a particular location within the city.

Such complaints might be drivers repeatedly disobeying a stop sign at an intersection, drivers failing to slow down in school zones, or drivers routinely speeding at a particular location. If you have observed a potential traffic hazard and would like the Wichita Police Department's Traffic Section to look into it, please complete the form below.

It is useful for us to have some way of contacting you if we have additional questions regarding your complaint. Please include the time of day the problem most often occurs so that we may be able to assign officers to watch the area.

Neighborhood Oriented Traffic Enforcement (NOTE) Complaint

  1. This form is for law enforcement related complaints only. To report a maintenance issue with a street, sign, or signal, please visit

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