Cold Case Unit

The Wichita Police Department is committed to the continued investigation of unsolved homicides and missing person cases. The Cold Case Unit is compiled of over 200 open and unsolved homicides since the mid-1970s. These cases will not be forgotten and the ultimate goal is to successfully close these cases with new information, updated testing, or witness cooperation that could lead to prosecution. 

Please email the Wichita Police Department Cold Case Unit.

Do you have information related to a case? If you have a tip, call WPD Cold Case Detective Addie Perkins at 316-268-4379 or Detective Robert Chisholm at 316-268-4609.

Cold Case

Case Date

October 30, 2021


1300 W. Walker


On October 30, 2021, Diego Benitez was shot and pushed out of a van at 1300 W. Walker.  He died from these injuries.