Stormwater Management


Stormwater Management's mission is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of our citizens by providing adequate drainage and flood control within the community and to reduce the pollution of our nation's waterways by implementing a comprehensive Stormwater quality management program.

Stormwater Charges

Do you wonder what the stormwater charges on your water bill mean and what they are paying for? Here is a quick rundown:

  • The ERU fee funds the Stormwater Utility and builds, maintains, and repairs the publically owned portions of the drainage system throughout the City of Wichita.
  • The ERU fee funds compliance with the pollution prevention and reduction requirements from the EPA.
  • The ERU fee also provides half of the funding for the Wichita-Valley Center Floodway (Big Ditch) maintenance and repair.
  • ERU - Stands for Equivalent Residential Unit, and is a measurement of impervious area. One ERU equals 2,139 square feet. Two ERUs equals 4,278 square feet, and so on.
  • Impervious Area - Any hard surface area (concrete, rooftop, etc.) that prevents stormwater from soaking into the soil, like it would under natural conditions. Impervious area increases the amount of runoff to the stormwater drainage system, which means that larger inlets and pipes have to be built, and maintained, in order to handle that runoff.
  • Residential properties are on a tier system paying $2 per month for each ERU, up to a maximum of 3 ERUs. Commercial properties pay $2 per month for every ERU the property covers.
  • The Stormwater Base Rate of $1.50 per month applies to all properties and is not based on impervious area.

GIS Stormwater and Flood Control Vehicle Tracking App

View this City of Wichita public-based vehicle tracking web mapping application for Stormwater and Flood Control-based vehicles.

Stormwater Utility Operations Dashboard

View a storymap series that documents stormwater operations such as structures cleaned, conduits cleaned and inspected, and stormwater mowing areas.

Report a Stormwater / Drainage Issue

Report clogged storm sewers, culvert cleanings, drainage complaints or other storm sewer concerns through our online Service Request Form.

Stormwater Regulations

Find design aides, Wichita/Sedgwick County Stormwater Manual, construction details, and policies on our Project Development and Construction Resources page.