Domestic Violence Strangulation

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The Wichita Police Department recognizes non-fatal strangulation is one of the most lethal forms of domestic violence. Strangulation is a high-risk indicator for future serious assaults and homicide. Strangulation is often underreported, leaving no signs of visible injuries. However, death and other serious long-term medical conditions such as carotid artery dissection, respiratory complications, and the risk of blood clots traveling to the brain can occur days or weeks after an attack.

Our mission is to support those who have been impacted by strangulation and encourage cooperative efforts with community stakeholders to educate, raise awareness, and prevent further abuse. If you are the victim of strangulation, seek immediate medical care, or call 911. If you have concerns about payment for medical services or don't have insurance, the Wichita Police Department Victims Assistance Unit may assist you with aid in the payment of emergency and hospital care.

Strangulation Awareness

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