Domestic Intervention & Violence Reduction Team (DIVRT)

DIVRT was created in 2020 through a U.S. Department of Justice, COPS Grant to address a rise in domestic violence (DV) and domestic abuse. Unfortunately, Wichita has seen an increase in domestic violence statistics over the past few years and increased domestic violence during COVID-19. DIVRT will work directly with detectives from the Wichita Police Department's Domestic Violence / Sex Crimes Section in Investigations.

DIVRT will proactively search for offenders with warrants, conduct criminal investigations on new DV crimes, and reduce victimization through enforcement and education. Additionally, DIVRT will enforce and do follow-up investigations on protection orders (sometimes confused with restraining orders) including: Protection From Abuse (PFA) orders, no contact orders, and bond restrictions. DIVRT's goal is to reduce the instances of domestic violence in our community while focusing on offenders and working with domestic violence community partners.

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