Football Fields

To reserve a football field call 316-268-4129 to pay over the phone or pay online.

Fields are available from 7 am to 10:30 pm. Reservations must be made the day before or for evening rentals by noon of that same day. Down markers, end zone pylons, scoreboards and staff are not provided.

Brown Thrush Park

533 N Country Acres

Cost: $30 per hour

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Dr. Glen Dey Park

2801 N Grove

Cost: $75 per hour; $25 per hour for lights

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Glen Dey

Linwood South Park

1901 S Kansas

Cost: $75 per hour

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Linwood South

McAdams Park

Barry Sanders Field

1329 E 13th Street N

Cost: $75 per hour; $25 per hour for lights

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Planeview Park

2819 Fees

Cost: $75 per hour

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South Lakes Park

5300 S Meridian

Cost: $75 per hour

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South Lakes