Diversity, Inclusion & Civil Rights Advisory Board


  • 5:30 pm
  • 3rd Tuesday of every month
  • 2nd floor Conference Room
    Advanced Learning Library
    711 West 2nd Street N



The purpose of the Diversity, Inclusion and Civil Rights Advisory Board is to nurture organizational development to create a culture that values intrinsic diversity, civil rights and inclusion in services, programs and policies by identifying and addressing discrimination and barriers to diversity, inclusion and civil rights, and initiating equitable strategies to connect the City of Wichita with community partners.

Specific duties shall include:

  • Making recommendations to the Mayor and City Council on strategies to engage Wichita's diverse residents, business and community leaders.
  • Working with residents, staff, and elected officials to develop, update and implement a strategic plan that guides the work of the Wichita's Diversity, Inclusion and Civil Rights Advisory Board.
  • Promoting the work of the Diversity, Inclusion and Civil Rights Advisory Board through collaborations, presentations and other community outreach and initiatives.
  • Serving as a conduit for community engagement, education and gathering input that will influence the development of recommendations presented to the Mayor and City Council.

Terms of Office & Removal

Diversity, Inclusion and Civil Rights Advisory Board terms shall commence April 1st and expire March 31st. The maximum term of all members shall be not more than four terms. A term is equal to two years of service.

The minimum number of members of the Diversity, Inclusion and Civil Rights Advisory Board shall be seven members.

In the Board's first year, appointments shall be limited to a total of 11 individuals, seven of whom will be the individual appointments of the Mayor and Council Members pursuant to Section 3 and four of whom will be at-large appointments by the Mayor from the groups identified in Section 3(a-l), all of which are to be approved by the City Council. These will be considered a partial term during the development of the Board. The first full term will commence April 1, 2022, through March 31, 2024.

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