Burglary | Financial Crimes

Burglary Section

The Burglary Section consists of eight Detectives that are supervised by one Lieutenant. This section is responsible for the investigation of all burglaries, both residence and non-residence and all vandalisms (except vandalisms to automobiles) that occur in the City of Wichita.

Financial Crimes Section

The Financial Crimes Section assesses and prioritizes the investigation of employee embezzlements, thefts by fraud, forgeries, check crimes, financial card crimes, identity theft, and computer crimes occurring within the City of Wichita.

The Financial Crimes Coordinator Detective assists businesses with true name insufficient funds or closed account check cases, and forgeries. The Coordinator Detective can be reached at 316-268-4211.

Taxpayer Advocate Service

Taxpayer Advocate Service | Internal Revenue Service
555 N Woodlawn
Building 4, Suite 112
Wichita, KS 67208

Phone: 316-651-2104
Fax: 316-651-2101
Taxpayer Advocate Service website