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H2O Care Fund

The City of Wichita invites you to participate in a voluntary donation program to help those who are having difficulty paying their water bills. The program opens April 1st 2023 and runs to December 31, 2023, or until funds are exhausted. 

The City recognizes that there are many residents who are struggling during these difficult economic times. This voluntary program provides a simple way to directly help others. Even small donations can add up and provide a way for people to maintain their water service.

The program will be administered by the Center of Hope, a local nonprofit that provides emergency financial assistance to support individuals and families in Wichita. Assistance will be provided to customers who meet the guidelines listed. Recipients will also receive information on ways to reduce water consumption.

Donation Options

Options available for donations to the H2O Care Fund program include the following.

  1. Option 1 - Water Bill Flat Donation
  2. Option 2 - Water Bill Round Up

Designate a fixed amount to be added to your monthly water bill payment.

If 1,000 people each gave $5 a month, the program could assist as many as 600 residents in need.

Donate by Mail
Complete the Donation Form (PDF) and return it to:
Wichita Public Works & Utilities
Business Operations Division
455 N Main, 8th Floor
Wichita, KS 67202

Donations may be tax deductible. A year-end summary of donations will be included with the January water bill.

Help Paying Your Water Bill

There are a number of community resources available to assist customers experiencing financial hardship.

Also, get Save Wichita Water tips on how to reduce your water bill!