Theft Prevention Tips

  1. Auto Theft Prevention TIps
  3. Construction Theft Prevention
  4. Residential Theft Prevention Tips

· Vehicles are not a secure place to leave valuables. Windows can be broken quickly and quietly.

· Remove all items of value from your vehicle to include GUNS, financial cards, money, jewelry, electronics, tools, etc. If something needs to be left in a vehicle, make sure it is hidden before getting to your destination. Thieves will watch vehicles park then watch occupants hiding items before walking away.

· Lock your vehicle doors and have all windows closed. Thieves will often walk through parking lots or neighborhoods checking door handles to see what vehicles are unlocked then enter them to look for valuables.

· Park vehicles close to the house and in well-lit areas. Motion detection lights are helpful. If you must park in the street, park under a streetlight when possible.

· Car alarms are helpful. They bring attention to the owner or any passing persons.

· Replace the license plate screws with anti-theft screws to prevent the theft of your tag. These screws are available from home goods stores or online.

· Don’t leave a vehicle running with the keys inside or in the ignition. Thieves are looking for an opportunity to take a car and will take advantage of it when the come across it. There are remote starters available that will start a car but will not allow it to be driven without engage a key or having the remote chip inside the car.

· Never leave keys or other valuables such as wallets or purses in a car parked inside your garage. Thieves will gain entry to the garage and take advantage to an unlocked vehicle inside.

Reporting a theft or burglary

  • Make a report as soon as possible!
  • Call 911 to make a police report.
    • An officer may be sent to you when available.
    • In the event of high calls for service, you may be transferred to someone to make the report over the phone.
  • Due to calls for service through 911, you may experience long wait times for an officer to be sent to you. If you request an officer to be sent to you, one will be sent when one is available.
  • Be ready to give the officer your personal information for the report.
  • Have a description and value of what was taken to include the brand, make of the item(s), model, serial number(s), owner applied number(s) or any unique marking(s), and value.
  • Have a description and value of what was damaged.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t have all the information needed at the time of the report. You will have the ability to update your case after it is made through the Wichita Police Case Desk at (316) 268-4221.
  • If you make a report over the phone, you may be asked to take pictures of any damage to send into the police department. If there is other evidence to be collected, an officer will be sent to you to collect it.
  • Additional information such as photos, property lists, or video can be sent to [email protected]. In the subject line of the email, please list your case number (an example, 23C654321). This information will be saved with the case.

Make sure to follow up in a timely manner with updated information to the Wichita Police Case Desk at (316) 268-4221 or Investigations at (316) 268-4407.