Property & Evidence

The mission statement of the Property and Evidence Section of the Technical Services Bureau is to provide the Wichita Police Department with professional service in the intake, storage, handling, and disposal of all evidence, found and personal property. Secondly to provide the public with their property in the most timely manner legally possible.

The Property and Evidence Section is responsible for maintaining care and custody of all evidence, personal and found property submitted by the police department. Inventory is kept by logging all properties in the computer system. Property and Evidence auctions all unclaimed properties via the Internet.

Services Provided

  • Receiving, processing, and storing of property and evidence.
  • Identification and return of evidence and property to rightful owners.
  • Provide access to evidence for Officers and Detectives for review or criminal trials.
  • Maintain and return personal property to prisoners incarcerated in Sedgwick County Jail.
  • Return found property to rightful owners.


Property auctions are now viewed year-round via internet sites. 

Please log on to the PropertyRoom website to see all Wichita Police property being auctioned.

Procedures for Claiming Your Property

If your property was taken as evidence in a case, you will need to obtain a release from the case detective that has been assigned to your case. The case detective will route the release to our office if your property can be released. Please allow forty-eight hours for this release to reach our office at 410 N Waco.

Please note: Valid photo identification (any government-issued driver's license, state-issued identification card, military ID, passport, etc.) is required when you retrieve your property. 

NO property will be released without proper identification!

Claiming Property as Finder Property

If you are the finder of the property you turned over to the Wichita Police Department, you can claim the property after thirty days. You will need to provide the police department case number from the incident you reported the property found. Per policy, guns are not able to be claimed.