Advance Plans Committee


  • 10 am
  • 1st or 2nd Thursday of the month (depending on the Planning Commission meeting schedule)
  • MAPC conference room
    Second floor
    Ronald Reagan Building
    271 W. Third Street
    Wichita, KS 67202

Members of the public are welcome and encouraged to attend these public meetings. Please see the individual meeting agendas to confirm the meeting dates, times, locations and other details. 

2024 Advance Plans Meeting Calendar


Wichita City Council Appointees

Sedgwick County Commission Appointees


The Advance Plans Committee is a subcommittee of the Wichita-Sedgwick County Metropolitan Area Planning Commission and is composed of six members from that Planning Commission. The MAPC Advance Plans Committee members are appointed annually by the Chair of the MAPC with ratification from the full MAPC.

The purpose of the Advance Plans Committee is to provide guidance to staff and the Planning Commission in developing, formulating and considering projections, forecasts, goals and objectives, proposals, plans and policies that affect the long term physical, social and economic character of the planning area.

Submit Public Comments Ahead of Time

You can provide comments to the MAPC Advance Plans Committee in a variety of ways, including those described below. One of the most commonly used formats is to provide comments provided during the MAPC Advance Plans Committee meeting. We request that individuals who wish to speak during the meeting please notify staff and indicate whether they wish to:

  • Speak on an item on the agenda; or
  • Speak during the general public comments portion of the agenda.

Having the names of public speakers ahead of time assists staff in creating a list of speakers to assist with conducting the meeting. Please note the following:

  • Public speaker are generally limited to three minutes each unless the time limits are modified by the MAPC Advance Plans Chairperson or Committee; and
  • The number of speakers during the public comments portion of the agenda is generally limited to 3 unless modified by the Chairperson or Committee

You can also submit comments ahead of the meeting to the Planning Department for distribution to the MAPC Advance Plans Committee members. We request that the comments indicate which item they pertain to and encourage submitters to provide them on the day before the meeting or sooner if possible.

You can also submit comments in video and audio formats. We request that they be less than three minutes in duration and encourage them to be submitted at least 24 hours ahead of the meeting - in order to allow staff to distribute and/or prepare to display them.

Any materials (i.e. photos, displays, etc.) submitted or provided as part of the public comments will be retained by the Planning Department as part of the item record.

YouTube Livestream

 To view the livestreamed meeting and previous recordings, please go to Wichita-Sedgwick County Planning YouTube Channel.

Meeting Videos

Note: The video archives  do not have captions provided. If you would like to view our videos with captions, please visit our YouTube Channel from the link provided above.