Delano's Design Advisory Committee


  • Scheduled as needed
  • Planning Department Conference Room
    2nd floor
    The Ronald Reagan Building
    271 W 3rd Street
    Wichita, Kansas

Meetings of the Delano Design Advisory Committee are public. 

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Delano's Design Advisory Committee is composed of volunteer members appointed by the City Manager. The committee includes representation from the Delano Business Association, the Delano Clergy Association, the Delano Neighborhood Association, the Delano Development Corporation, the Wichita Historic Preservation Board, the District IV Advisory Board, the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission, the Wichita Area Builders Association, the Wichita Independent Business Association, or the successors of such, or any other organization with a substantial interest in the Delano district.

The Design Advisory Committee is responsible for advising Delano's Design Review Committee on all decisions pertaining to those applications submitted within the Delano Neighborhood Overlay District that do not conform to the requirements of the Delano Neighborhood Design Guidelines. The guidelines are located within the Unified Zoning Code under the Appendices and Supplements section of the Code. The Design Review Committee is composed of the Planning Director, the Zoning Administrator, and the Historic Preservation Officer.

The Delano Neighborhood Overlay District, Section III-C.8 of the Wichita-Sedgwick County Unified Zoning Code and adopted by Ordinance Number 45-695, is intended to preserve, enhance, and promote the character of the Delano neighborhood as prescribed in the Delano Neighborhood Revitalization Plan. Property development within the District shall comply with the Delano Neighborhood Design Guidelines, the standards of this District, and the standards of the underlying zoning district. The design review provisions applicable within the District are intended to recognize the special architectural character and proposed land-use mix of the Delano neighborhood, and to protect the private property values and public investments in the Delano Neighborhood.