Physical Fitness Test

Physical Fitness Test Banner

This test is conducted at various times on various days. Please call to schedule the test, there are limited spots per testing day. This test is designed to evaluate your physical capacity to perform the duties of an entry-level Police Officer. The test will consist of four events.


To ensure you are able to do your best in all events, wear appropriate comfortable athletic clothing.

Qualifying Score

In order to pass the physical agility test, you must complete each test and receive a minimum cumulative score of 20 points. Scores are based on your age and gender.

Candidates who pass the initial background check will be contacted by a member of the pre-employment section to discuss the next stage of the process, the physical fitness test. Download the physical fitness packet and have it signed by a licensed medical professional, physician, chiropractor, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant. This form must be signed by one of the listed titles before you will be allowed to participate in the test. To expedite your process, this should be done when you submit the First Contact Questionnaire.

Download and print the Physical Fitness Packet (PDF).

Completing as many push-ups (correctly done) in one minute.