In order to realize the City of Wichita's official vision for the future of bicycling and walking in our city (identified in the Wichita Bicycle Master Plan and Wichita Pedestrian Master Plan), the City of Wichita is designing and constructing infrastructure projects to improve conditions for bicycling and walking in Wichita. Below is information about past and upcoming projects.

A general description of the City processes to prioritize, fund and construct bicycle facilities is available in the document, How can City of Wichita Bicycle Facility Projects Get Funded and Constructed? (PDF).

People First Neighborhood Pilot Project

The People First Neighborhood Pilot Project is an opportunity for community stakeholders to work with the City to create places that are designed for people first, with greater quality of life, improved safety, and more opportunities for people to interact.

Capital Improvement Program

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) budget document provides an overall 10-year plan for capital assets (i.e. buildings, land, big equipment, streets, bicycle facilities, etc.) as well as a 10-year plan to finance those projects.


Individual Project Designs

You can look up the designs for individual projects by searching for them on the City's Projects website.

Other Projects

You can also look up the status of a project by searching the City's Public Work's Projects page.

Design Guidance

The safety and convenience of people walking is significantly impacted by the design of public streets. In order to help ensure that Wichita streets improve pedestrian safety and encourage walking trips, the City of Wichita Pedestrian Master Plan and Wichita Street Design Guidelines include design guidance for a variety of street elements, including but not limited to the following:

  • Sidewalk zone
  • Pedestrian zone
  • Amenity zone
  • Buffer zone
  • Driveway design
  • Medians
  • Crosswalks