Reimagining Policing

We want Wichita to be an exceptional Midwest city. Building trust between police and all citizens is imperative to reach this goal. This trust helps make Wichita better by reducing crime and building healthy neighborhoods. Although many accomplishments have been achieved, WPD strives to be even better. To do this, we are willing to listen, and we want to hear from you.

File a Compliment / Complaint

If you wish to file a compliment/complaint against a Wichita Police Officer, you may file by email, phone, or in person.

By Phone

You can call the Wichita Police Professional Standards at 316-268-4256. The attendant will take your information, and an investigator will then call and set up an appointment.


You can file a compliment/complaint in person. The Wichita Police Professional Standards is located at:

455 N Main
4th Floor
Wichita, KS 67202

By Email

You can email the Wichita Police Professional Standards.

Where We've Been & Where We're Going

In the last five years, we have actively sought to build upon ongoing dialogue around WPD policy and procedures. As a result of that dialogue, we have already implemented many significant policing reforms, including:

  • Fully implemented body cameras for all patrol officers and sergeants.
  • Renewed focus on diversity in the recruitment of police officers to the department.
  • Implemented the duty to intervene in the training of all commissioned officers. In 2024 all department members will be trained in ABLE, Active Bystandership for Law Enforcement.
  • Significant changes made to how we interact with youth in gangs to better communicate and prevent gang involvement.
  • Regular meetings with the public to address concerns residents have with police-related issues.
  • Response changes to suicide threats with a weapon and suicide-by-cop incidents.
  • External investigation by another police agency for possible police criminal misconduct.
  • Refocus school resource officers (SRO) on coaching and mentoring and diverting youth from the criminal justice system.
  • Partnering with schools on restorative justice training for SROs.
  • Tripled the number of crisis negotiators since 2016 and trained 90 staff members on crisis negotiation to de-escalate and reduce need for use of force.
  • Significantly reduced the number of incarcerated youth.
  • Focused on using discretion for low-level traffic offenses and introduced warning tickets.
  • Partnered with "See Something, Say Something" grassroots effort to help reduce community gun violence. A tip line is monitored by area clergy to intervene or collect tips on violent crime.
  • Partnered with Big Brothers and Big Sisters to have officers participating in "Bigs in Blue" where officers meet and mentor youth.
  • Partnered with Wichita schools for police officer reading-to-kids programs.
  • Created a "God Squad" consisting of African American leaders of faith to share information and build partnerships in the community. WPD also works with the Greater Wichita Ministerial League.
  • Co-founded the Youth Advocacy Coalition to create partnerships with community organizations that help Wichita's youth in an effort to help children curb violence, break the cycle of generational poverty, and improve their quality of life.