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Public Art

The Division of Arts & Cultural Services manages the City's public art collection, integrating artwork in Wichita's community spaces. The Division ste​​​wards the ​​2% of Capital Improvement Program (CIP) project funds in order to ensure appropriate funding, selection, creation, conservation and maintenance of public art. ​​​

Public Art FAQs

expand Title : How do I become a public artist? ‎(1)
expand Title : What is Public Art? ‎(1)
expand Title : What is the difference between an art consultant and an artist? ‎(1)
expand Title : What is the difference between an RFP and an RFQ? ‎(1)
expand Title : What makes a good public art consultant and public artist? ‎(1)
expand Title : Who owns the public artwork created by the artist? ‎(1)