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​City of Wichita Public Artist Registry

The inclusion of an artist on this Registry is not an endorsement by the City of any artist or group, nor a guarantee of selection. Any professional seeking artist or art consultant services is responsible for contacting, vetting and contracting with any such provider.

Craig Campbellcsculpt@aol.com3168821315SculptureConcrete, Metal, Ceramics, BronzeElected Sculptor Member of National Sculpture
Vicki Scurivicki@vickiscuri.comSculpture, Painting, Graphic_Arts, Environmental_Landscape, Lighting, Digital, Art Integrated with InfrastructureConcrete, Stone, Metal, Glass, Paint, Ceramics, Tile, Wire, Fiber, Concrete, Steel, LED Lighting, Landscape and moreDesign Team Collaborations, Public Art Master Planning, Mentoring Emerging
Angie Evansinfo@arthouse310.comPainting, Graphic_ArtsPaint, Resin, Alcohol Ink, Digital IllustrationGraphic Design, Web Design, Marketing,,
Christopher Gulickinfo@christophergulick.comSculpture, Fashion Design/ Textile ConstructionMetal, Paint, Tile, Wire, Fiber, DrawingTrained in Aircraft manufacturing/ Telecommunication construction/ Construction site safety/ Tile-Mosaic construction/ Exhibit-event organization-production-installation/ Art conservancyYesYes
Collin Allenallenworks07@gmail.comSculpture, Painting, Graphic_Arts, Environmental_Landscape, Lighting, Digital, Mixed MediaStone, Metal, Glass, Paint, Ceramics, Tile, Wire, Fiber, Sound_artWelding certification, painting, sculpting, furniture design and fabrication, industrial design, digital photography, ceramics, sewing, textiles, metal fabrication, 3D design, Solid Works, CATIA, 3D printing, wide format printiYesYes
Solomon Bassoffinfo@faducci.comSculptureConcrete, Stone, Metal, Glass, Tilewelding, hand-sculpted concrete,
Preston Singletarystudio@prestonsingletary.comSculptureMetal,
William Stoferbillstofer@gmail.comSculpture, Painting, Graphic_ArtsConcrete, Stone, Metal, Paint, CeramicsSpeciality painter, foam sculpture, welding, metal work and designer.YesYes
Elizabeth Stevensonelizabethjanestevenson@gmail.comSculpture, Environmental_Landscape, Digital, architectural installation, theoretical urban design, placemakingConcrete, Metal, Glass, Paint, Tile, Wire, Fiber, salvaged materialsarchitecture, graphic design, urban design and placemaking, art consulting and public art administration, extensive curating and exhibition production experience, public presentations and critiques, art integration within infrastructure, public art policyYesYes ,
JOSHUA TRIPOLIjtripoli13@gmail.com13169932155Painting, Graphic_Arts, DigitalPaint, digital, printGraphic design, writing, public speaking, promotion, social mediaYesYes
Matthew Mazzottatriangle@mit.edu3155211399Sculpture, Environmental_Landscape, Lighting, Community engaged art, interactive artConcrete, Metal, Glass, Sound_art, WoodCommunity engagement, event programmingNoYes
Chris Garciabrickmob@hotmail.comPainting, Graphic_Arts, DigitalPaint, Printmaking,Our crew is comprised of 9 art educated and highly skilled creatives with a variety of skills from sculpture to design to printmaking to fiber arts. Though we specialize in epic murals, we can tackle any creative
Virginia Kistlervirginia.kistler@gmail.comSculptureMetal, Acrylic, Resin, Mixed MediaEnvironmental Design (I have 20 years of experience designing interactives for children's museums)YesYes
Matthew Gellermatthew@matthewgeller.comSculptureConcrete, Stone, Metal, Glass, Paint, Wire, Mist, Water (active & passive), Interactive, ParticipatoryLandscape or architecture design team collaborationYesYes
Armando Minjarezminjarez.armando@gmail.comSculpture, Painting, InstallationMetal, Paint, Ceramics, Tile,
Anton Mortondirector@kasumcontemporary.comInterdisciplinary Studio focusing in Public Art Project Management and Associated Arts ServicesConcrete, Stone, Metal, Glass, Paint, Ceramics, Tile, Wire, Fiber, Sound_art, New MediaCertified for Rigging, Equipment Operation, OSHA 120 Safety Practices, Tag Out Procedures, Fall Safety, Arc Safety, CPR and First
Tim Watkins9173013063Sculpture, Environmental_LandscapeConcrete, Metal, GlassWelding and other forms of fabricationNoYes
Rick Bewleybewley@artfusionstudio.comSculptureMetal, Glass, wood, acrylicwelding, woodworking, graphic design,
Seth Emerson Palmiterseth.palmiter@gmail.comSculpture, Lighting, Site integrated public artConcrete, Stone, Metal, Glass, composites and other technical materialsI am both designer and fabricator.  I posses a broad range of fabrication skills and my studio abilities are robust.  I do not subcontract my fabrication which allows me to stretch budgets and provide monumental work within an efficiency of construction.YesYes
Michael 405 625 2131Sculpture, Painting, Graphic_Arts, Environmental_Landscape, Lighting, Digital, Architecture, Interior Design, Photography, Functional Art, Place-making, InstallationMetal, Paint, WoodArchitect, Interior Designer, Project Management, Graphic Design, WeldingNoYes
Bobby Zokaiteszokaitessculpture@gmail.comSculpture, Environmental_Landscape, LightingConcrete, Metal, Paint, Wire, Fiber, Polyurethanewelding, foundry, CAD, community engagement, design team
Nicole Moan4054147723Sculpture, Painting, Graphic_Arts, Environmental_Landscape, Lighting, wearable artConcrete, Metal, Paint, Ceramics, Tile, Fiber, Sound_artwelding, teaching, design and
Janetta SmithArtist@janettasmthart.com405-641-5709Painting, PhotographyPaint, Mixed MediaI also specialize in painting on Acrylic substrate.YesYes
Helen Lessickhelen.lessick@gmail.comSculpture, Environmental_Landscape, Lighting, Digital, collaborationConcrete, Stone, Metal, Glass, Ceramics, landscape, context, information, creative nonfiction, illustrationPresentations, community outreach, listening, writing, budget management, final reportsYesYes
Kristin Gentrykristingentry@hotmail.comPainting, Graphic_Arts, Digital, Poetry, PhotographyPaint, wood, photography, digitalI'm Choctaw Nation, an artist for my tribe. Cultural arts, writer, photography.NoNo
Nick Bayernick.bayer7@gmail.comSculpture, Painting, Environmental_Landscape, DigitalConcrete, Metal, Paint, Ceramics, Tile, Fiber, Wood, EPS Foam, HDU FoamCommunity based public art projects, Art education programing and integration with public art projectsYesYes
JUURI .info@juuriart.comPaintingPaintMuralsYesYes
Daniel Moorenina@theoxidestudio.comSculpture, Graphic_Arts, Environmental_LandscapeMetalGraphic Design, Photography, Fabrication, WeldingYesYes
Eric Rysereryser21@gmail.comSculpture, Metalsmith/BlacksmithMetalAnything metal related, machine work, fabrication and forge workNoYes
Jim Hirschfieldjhirschf@email.unc.eduSculpture, Environmental_Landscape, LightingConcrete, Stone, Metal, Glass, Ceramics, LightPublic Art Masterplans/Project ManagementYesYes
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