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Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Board

The Wichita Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board was created through Ordinance 49-411, approved by the City Council on February 5, 2013. Below are some brief highlights about the Board. More information about the Board is available by reading the Municipal Code.

What We Do

The Board​ advises the City on issues related to bicycling and walking in Wichita. The Board provides advice directly to the City Council; participates in planning and project development; evaluates policies; and makes recommendations to City departments. It plays an influential role in implementing Wichita's Bicycle Master Plan. Board members also spend additional hours outside of board meetings to learn more about agenda items and to track projects.​​

Board Members

The Board is comprised of a diverse group of 11 Wichita residents that are interested in making Wichita a better place to bicycle and walk. This includes, but is not limited to cyclists of all skill levels, from casual weekend riders to year-round commuters; and people of all ages.

The appointments to the Board are made by the City Council members and the City Manager, following an application and recommendation process. The Board members serve 2-year terms with the potential to serve four consecutive terms. Openings on the Board will be announced by the City, along with notice of opportunities for individuals to submit applications to be considered for appointment to the Board.

Apply to serve on the Board 

​Name District​ ​Address Phone​ Email​ Begins​ Expires​
​Barry Carroll Mayor​ ​1134 N Coolidge 67203 ​(316) 249-2804 ​​Email Barry ​6/14/2016 3/31/2020​
Jane Byrnes Williams​ 322 S Lorraine ​(316) 644-4640 Email Jane 7/28/2017​ 3/31/2020​
​Thomas Lasater ​Meitzner ​2105 N Crooked Pine (316) 651-7582​ Email Thomas​ ​8/2/2016 3/31/2020​
​George Theoharis ​Clendenin ​3603 E Skinner 67218 ​(316) 681-0184 ​​Email George ​7/7/2015 3/31/2020​​
Christopher Parisho ​Blubaugh ​311 S Exposition St 67213 ​(316) 806-2198 Email Christopher ​7/7/2015 ​3/31/2020​​
​Russell Fox ​Frye
​605 N Westlink ​(316) 295-5827 Email Russell ​8/18/2015 3/31/2020​
Marcia Schroeder
​1816 N Hood 67203 ​(316) 265-8378
Email Marcia
​Maxine Bostic ​Manager ​4601 Vesta Dr 67208 ​(316) 684-3026 Email Maxine ​6/17/2016 3/31/2020​​
​Jack Brown ​Manager ​1364 N Cardington ​(316) 773-1655 Email Jack ​6/17/2016 ​3/31/2020​
​Elizabeth Ablah
​Manager ​1010 N Kansas
(316) 293-2627
​Email Elizabeth
​Tyler Stutzman ​Manager ​8910 W Silver Hollow St 67205
​(316) 393-2720 Email Tyler​
​6/17/2016 3/31/2020​​


The Wichita Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board meetings are open to the public, and members of the public are encouraged to attend.​ Regular meetings are scheduled for the second Monday of every month from 5:30-7:30pm at the Wichita Transit Maintenance Facility Conference Room (777 E Waterman).​


The bylaws for the Wichita Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board were approved on April 17, 2019.

Wichita Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Board Bylaws

​Agendas & Minutes

2019-11-04 WBPAB Materials.pdf2019-11-04 WBPAB Materials
2019-11-04 WBPAB Agenda.pdf2019-11-04 WBPAB Agenda
2019-10-08 WBPAB Agenda.pdf2019-10-08 WBPAB Agenda
2019-10-05 WBPAB Bicycle Tour v3.pdf2019-10-05 WBPAB Bicycle Tour v3
2019-09-09 WBPAB Agenda.pdf2019-09-09 WBPAB Agenda
2019-08-12 WBPAB Meeting Notes.pdf2019-08-12 WBPAB Meeting Notes
2019-08-12 WBPAB Agenda.pdf2019-08-12 WBPAB Agenda
2019-07-08 WBPAB Meeting Notes.pdf2019-07-08 WBPAB Meeting Notes
2019-07-08 WBPAB Agenda.pdf2019-07-08 WBPAB Agenda
2019-06-10 WBPAB Meeting Notes.pdf2019-06-10 WBPAB Meeting Notes
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E-scooter recommendation.pdfE-scooter recommendation
2020-2029 CIP WBPAB Recommendations.pdf2020-2029 CIP WBPAB Recommendations
2020-2021 WBPAB Budget Recommendations.pdf2020-2021 WBPAB Budget Recommendations
2019 WBPAB Recommendations for Legislative Agenda.pdf2019 WBPAB Recommendations for Legislative Agenda
2018-06-29 WBPAB GO Budget.pdf2018-06-29 WBPAB GO Budget
2018-02-14 WBPAB Recommendations- 2019-2028 CIP.pdf2018-02-14 WBPAB Recommendations- 2019-2028 CIP
2017-04-28 WBPAB Wichita Budget Recommendations.pdf2017-04-28 WBPAB Wichita Budget Recommendations
2017-03-07 WBPAB CIP Recommendations.pdf2017-03-07 WBPAB CIP Recommendations
2016-12-01 Delano Catalyst Site.pdf2016-12-01 Delano Catalyst Site
2016-04-27 WBPAB Letter - City Budget Rec.pdf2016-04-27 WBPAB Letter - City Budget Rec
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