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Meet the City Manager

Robert Layton has been involved in local government management for over 35 years..​

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Administrative Services

Administrative Services provides efficient ​high quality services that protect the health, safety, and welfare of all its citizens. The City Clerk's Office, Internal Audit and Management Fellows fall under this division.​

City Clerk's Office

Arts & Cultural Services

This division centralizes several arts and cultural sections previously located in the Park Department. The division is centered around CityArts, which provides art instruction to Wichita residents, centrally located​ in Old Town. In addition, the cultural subsidies provided to several delegate agencies are incorporated in this division.​

Arts & Cultural Services

Communications Team

The Communications Team handles all public information, government relations and public education activities for the City of Wichita.​

Community Relations Team

M​anagement Fellowship Progra​m​

The Management Fellowship Program exposes participants to the challenges confronted by local governments, as well as the innovative approaches used to address these challenges.​

How to become a Management Fellow​​​​​​

Neighborhood Services

Created to increase citizen participation within the City of Wichita. District Advisory Boards and Neighborhood City Halls were designed to improve citizen connections with government and offer opportunities to become involved in the civic process.

Neighborhood Services

Urban Development

The Office of Urban Development is responsible for consolidating staff formerly assigned to economic de​velopment, development assistance​, property management and project management.​

Economic Development​​​​​​​​

​​The City Manager is responsible for​ implementing the policy direction of the City Council in an efficient and responsive manner. The City Manager submits the annual budget, advises the City Council on matters affecting the City, administers and oversees City operations, and appoints and removes City personnel.
The City of Wichita has operated under the Council-Manager form of government since 1917. The City Manager's Office has responsibilities for all matters involving the City, but has sole responsibility in several areas.

Responsiveness to citizens is one of the most prominent responsibilities. The Manager's Office handles numerous contacts each day, ranging from telephone and electronic mail inquiries to faxes. On average, the Manager's Office receives about 40 telephone contacts, 100 faxes, and 50 letters per day from citizens and business people requesting information or assistance.

Another key duty of the Manager's Office is assisting the Council with special projects and research assignments. Some recent projects have included: staffing the Regional Area Economic Partnership (REAP), an organization serving to unite cities and counties in south-central Kansas on issues of mutual interest and economic growth, and coordinating public information sessions to discuss the benefits and impacts of annexation on affected residents.

Other duties of the City Manager's Office include the preparation of agendas for weekly Council meetings, the staffing of various boards, commissions, and task forces; and the oversight of the non-departmental programs and activities.​​