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June 13 – July 22, 2022

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Language of My Soul

Eileen McNeill | Main Gallery

Art has a way of bringing you into a deeper part of yourself. I often describe my artwork as “Soulwork.” My creativity leads me into a journey of the soul. 

I work intuitively, allowing each mark to lead to the next. With this process, I am able to connect deeper within myself. Intuition to me is about listening to my inner guidance to inform me of the next color, brush, movement, stroke and texture. I rely solely on this voice to guide me as I create. Picasso once told a friend that intuition was like having a carrier pigeon with a message land on your balcony. "The important thing is knowing that the pigeon has arrived," he said, "you don't have to unroll the message and read it.” I resonate so much with this statement. When I am creating, it is as if I have been given a message or image to transcribe into physical form. I don’t know what it is, but I do know that I must begin the work and it will reveal itself. I view art as this invisible, never-ending thread of creative energy and inspiration.   

Through my own creative expression, my intention is to shift something within people that helps them see the world a little bit differently. My belief is that art has a way of planting subtle, delicate seeds to spark something within. Music has a way of planting these beautiful seeds as well. My idea to create a music set to collaborate with this show was intuitive. I knew that by combining the two there would be more vibration from the work. I feel music brings the work to life and allows the brain and spirit to move with the piece in a different way. My hope is that you will move through this show open-minded and heart-centered and simply allow yourself to receive and play with the energy in whatever way it wants to manifest through you. Movement is a big part of my creative process. I play music, dance, and free my mind of clutter whenever I paint so I can truly connect. This is what I want to share with you all. Let go of all the chatter in your mind and tune into your body. Feel it.

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Eileen McNeill is a Wichita-based artist who works mainly in acrylic painting. Eileen holds a Bachelor's degree in Studio Art, Graphic Design, and Art Therapy with a concentration in painting from Bethany College. 

In 2020, she began a committed dive into her work and career as an artist. At the same time, Eileen also trained to become an Ecstatic Dance Facilitator and started “Ecstatic Dance Wichita,” a community organization to bring people together to dance and explore free-form movement. Since, Eileen has organized and hosted several Ecstatic Dance events in Wichita and the surrounding areas and showed her work at several spaces in Wichita. A principal theme in Eileen’s work is her spirituality and exploration of the Divine. She describes it as “soulwork,” finding connections within herself as well as her Higher Power. Eileen uses dance in her creative process to access what she calls the “Divine Flow” and creates from that space. 

Previously, Eileen explored more abstract expressionist paintings incorporating light language. Light Language is a way to channel energy in order to create a specific vibration or frequency. Light Language can be seen in her work as resembling symbols and intuitive marks. Eileen’s more recent work has developed into abstract portraits of feminine forms as well as Extra-terrestrial like figures. Along with her incorporation of curated music journeys with her paintings. She is looking forward to where this new direction will take her.

Support for this exhibition was provided by the Arts Council.  Arts-Council_Vertical_Logo_RGB_Web-300x150.png

Mixed Media Work

Sheldon Draper | Main Hall Gallery

Sheldon Draper was born in Wichita, Kansas in the late 1900s. He has always shown an interest in art, but it wasn’t until he got to high school that his love for art really started to blossom. From there he went on to study art at Cowley County Community College and then went on to Emporia State University to continue his studies. After a while, he ended up dropping out. As Draper states, “I got everything I wanted out of college except for a degree.”

He spent a year in Emporia living off his art and selling t-shirts, prints, and commissions, all while continuing to study and create art independently. After his time in Emporia was over, he moved back to Wichita and got connected with Mulberry Gallery.

Sheldon’s work consists of building up layers using marks, paper, candy wrappers, cigarette packaging, old receipts, etc.

A Murder of Mobiles

John Waltner | Balcony and Boardroom Galleries

John Waltner is a retired educator (secondary and college levels) and local government official (mayor and county administrator). Years ago, in an undergraduate college course in Art History, he first encountered images of mobile sculptures created by Alexander Calder and was completely captivated. The interplay of simple, colored abstract shapes connected by steel rods, all balanced in a coherent whole, was riveting. 

Whether mobiles are large or small, the goal is the same: Invite the viewer’s eye to explore and move around and through a three-dimensional object in unexpected, often playful, ways.

For Waltner, this early interest led to the development of mobile-making as a casual hobby. A growing and busy family along with demanding jobs, however, left little time to seriously pursue the hobby. Finally, in retirement, he has been able to make time to create these objects.

Waltner lives in Hesston with his wife, Mary Jane, who is a retired middle-school teacher. They have two adult daughters and four grandchildren. He can be contacted at

From Beginning to End

Brooklynn Bolton | Boardroom Gallery

Brooklynn J. Bolton is an artist currently based in Wichita, Kansas. She has studied fine arts at the University of North Texas, as well as Texas Women's University. Her work mostly consists of pen and ink drawings with a focus on detailed line work and color contrast. 

Brooklynn is passionate about her faith in Jesus Christ and strives to make art that communicates her experiences as a believer through new and interesting mediums. Her previous work has been shown in places around Dallas, Texas, and her work has been referenced in online platforms such as and YouTube.

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On View at City Hall


Tarah Lynn Clark | City Council Office - City Hall

"Colorful Creations" is a collection of work which explores the vibrance of nature from my point of view.

Through this work I spent time exploring the details of the world around us, from the folds of a flower petal to the texture on a bumblebee. When you look at the way an insect lands on a plant or the way the colors seamlessly blend together as one, that's what I've gone for here.

I've added a feature that doesn't get noticed much by creating a water color like aspect which almost helps create that blending of the blooms, then highlighting it with ink as they come to their full potential, leaving just the right amount of want from the on looker. My media of choice has always been acrylic paint and with these I've stretched the bright pigment around the canvas letting it have a natural flow yet still guiding it in the direction I wish it to go. The florals are seen in the fields where they naturally grow and also displayed in a vase that always brings the cheerfulness back to your heart, hopefully these colorful creations find their way to yours.


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