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November 7 – December 31​, 2022

Saint John by Phil Mohundro

Hard Wrought and Handmade II - Printmaking Exhibition

Various Artists | Main Gallery

Printmaking has a long, diverse, and rich history in Wichita and the surrounding areas. This second exhibition continues to showcase the legacy of printmaking and its bright future. It seeks to celebrate the community of the art by featuring a group of over 35 artists whose work is as incredibly different as they are from one another yet tied together under the banner of printmaking.​

​Participating artists:​

​​​​John Bergmeier​​
​Sean Heaton
​Morgan Price
​Doug Billings
​Marco Hernandez
​Bryan Raymundo
​Danny Bills
​Jay Jacoby
​Emily Ritter
​Marc Bosworth
​Rebecca Jahelka
​Rebecca Rolph
​Janet Bradbury
​Trishelle Jeffery
​Brad Ruder
​Mark Bradbury
​Matthew Leahy
Jason Scuilla​
​Scott Brown
​Jocelyn Lechuga
​Sloan Smith
​Spencer Coco (Sinclair)
​Adam Longhofer
​​Katherine Snider
​Wil Fathi
​Lynda Medlock
Megan St. Clair
​Gregory Folken
Phil Mohundro
​​Diane Tigue
​Susan Fox
​Vernell Morgan
​Leigh Wallace
​Patricia Gateley
​Sunny Overholt
​​Carlene Williams
​Zoe Gillis
​Stephen Perry
​​Jack Wilson​

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Janet Federico | Main Hall Gallery

Janet Federico is an illustrator, writer, and speaker from Washington, DC now based in the Midwest who has been featured in Elephant Journal, Writer’s Digest, and The Mighty. In 2020, Janet launched Owl Medicine, a visual arts company providing greeting cards and art products for situations we don’t usually talk about. Janet holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Fiction, a Masters of Business Administration, and is a Diamonds Graduate of the Gemological Institute of America.


Brittany Stewart | Balcony Gallery

A Kansas local, born and raised in Wichita. I, Brittany Stewart have become a DIY lover, thrifter that found a true inspiration for art 7 years ago. Thrifting furniture, upscaling them to sale or keep for my own use until one day I decided to paint on canvas and there I discovered my passion. Art became a gateway for self-expression. My purpose as an artist is to explore around the human conditions, how we fit into the rest of the world. Quite frankly what makes us different and unique. We may never have it all figured out, but I’ll continue to stay reflective because I experience uncertainty and certainty within the same energy.

Within my work I share my love for color, texture and shapes. My pieces are almost always Abstract, and figure based. Understanding that our true portraits are much more than what we see with our own eyes.  It’s a much deeper dive into who we are. As we sometimes face doubt and scrutiny on a day-to-day basis I’ve challenged myself to explore mental health, practicing self-care with self-love. My works are an extension of a hand, a hug, and a voice for those that are and have faced strenuous obstacles. Simply a reminder to be kind to self as we grow.

Click to view Brittany's work and shop the exhibit online

House Party

Skyler Lovelace | Boardroom Gallery

I was born in Wichita, Kansas, at St. Francis Hospital, three miles west of the house, a few decades after it was built. I spend my time making art and writing poetry. I’m a visual artist who combines paints, pixels, and words so they work and play together. 

The House Party project began two years ago, when many of us were self-isolating and spending more time at home and interacting with the objects in our homes. ​​My home, built in 1914, exemplifies solid American Four Square design: Think four big boxy rooms stacked on four big boxy rooms, with a nice big front porch. Some people call this style the "Prairie Box." It was a good place to weather the pandemic storm, in part because the art of local artists decorates my home.

In a Seattle poetics class I was taking during this time (over Zoom, of course!), we read articles that  discussed how the brain responds to art; it seems that looking at art light ups the same areas of the brain that light up when we’re looking at people. So: Spending time with my small collection of art was like a house party, at least as far as my brain was concerned.

If the pandemic permitted, I might have had everyone over for a party. Instead, I began making paintings that responded to what their work said to me. I started painting portraits of my house inspired by the styles of a dozen local artists. That's what you see in this show.

The works in this show are not attempted forgeries or copies; they are my attempt, within the limits of my skills & materials, to truly engage with and respond to the work I’ve collected. In some cases, I attempted to recreate a visual technique; in others, my work represents the emotion the artist’s work prompted.

House Party invites you to take a closer look at where you live, and the art and artists unique to this place.

On View at City Hall

Mixed Media Works

Anthony Dozier | City Council Office - City Hall

A native Wichitan,  Anthony Dozier has been exploring abstract painting and assemblage techniques as a self-taught artist for more than four decades.

In 2020, he was awarded the Neighborhood Superstar Award by Harvester Arts and Fisch Haus, which came with a cash award as well as professional development and an Open Studios residency.

Anthony's creative method stems from his childhood in the 1960s when he began to use visual arts as a way of coping with a speech impediment. “As a child," he says, "I went silent because I had no voice.” This led to creating artwork that would convey a message or thought through abstract methods rather than representational drawing. 

Today, Anthony uses recycled and green materials to explore and experiment.

Instagram: @anthonys_art56

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