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January 17 – February 25, 2022

ART THAT TOUCHES YOUR HEART: Black Art from Across the US 

various artists | Main Gallery

Meet the Artists! First Friday, February 4 from 5-8pm.

Anthony Dozier
Anita Easterwood
Rodney (Lucky) Easterwood
Billy Edmond
Frank Fraser
Lee Jones
Verlene Mahomes
Damien Mathis
George Mayfield
Don O'Bannon
Rhea Rose
Connie Smith
Jamaal Stafford
Brittany Thompson
Ray Trotter
Jessie White
Seidah Williams
Tyleciea Zachry

On View at City Hall


BC (Brad) Rupp | City Council Office - City Hall

"While I may be known for works in a more representational style, I have always used the spontaneous sketch as an exercise of joyful exuberance that seeks to be free of some of the constraints that can build up during the completion of more formal works.

While they were not done to be shown, I must say that I have a certain affection for them and they speak back to me when I look at them about energy, joy, and many things that go into a work of art that, if allowed, rush in from the edge of consciousness."

It is my hope that these things might transfer to the viewer."


BC Rupp: b. 1952, Wichita, Kansas.

Brad Rupp regularly attended summer classes at The Wichita Art Museum as a young child. At the age of ten, applied and was accepted into the Longstreet Academy of Oil Painting. Placed second in a statewide art competition as a fifth grader. Graduated from Wichita State University in 1974. Achieved some

notoriety with a self-published book of prose, poetry, and drawings, The Road, Visions Along the Way in 1975.


A life-long, low-profile, artist, he has worked in a number of mediums (best known for drawings and paintings in watercolor, oil, tempera, and pastel). He is most familiar to a small coterie of faithful followers and his works appear in numerous private collections.

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