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Current Exhibitions

On View in our Galleries

March 3 – April 16, 2023

First Friday Receptions March 3 and April 7 from 5-8 p.m.​


Virgil Penner | Main Gallery

Virgil Penner is known for his ink drawings of homes and buildings with an architectural perspective. Since retiring, he has focused on acrylic landscape paintings. 

Virgil studied art under Marie Orr for four years at Newton High School. After college, he taught and coached in the Wichita High Schools and at Bethel College putting painting aside in 1964 until retirement in 2009. Since 2009, he has painted more than 660 acrylic paintings and have sold over 550 paintings. 

“My paintings are colorful and bright. I construct my paintings from memory as I do not paint on location or from photographs. By developing my paintings from memory, I feel I have more freedom to develop balance and movement in my final work. 

Growing up in central Kansas, my pictures represent a regional nature. I get much pleasure in painting more whimsical paintings, as well.”


Janet Federico | Main Hall Gallery

Janet Federico is an illustrator, writer, and speaker from Washington, DC now based in the Midwest who has been featured in Elephant Journal, Writer’s Digest, and The Mighty. In 2020, Janet launched Owl Medicine, a visual arts company providing greeting cards and art products for situations we don’t usually talk about. Janet holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Fiction, a Masters of Business Administration, and is a Diamonds Graduate of the Gemological Institute of America.

Washington Elementary 5th Grade Skateboard Show

Washington Elementary 5th Graders | Main Hall ​Gallery

Inspiration comes from everywhere, so many different components of our life influence us and inspire us. It’s always been important for me to help my students understand that they should pay careful attention to the things that influence and inspire them and use them to help shape their lives in a positive way.

Skateboarding and the art that goes with it was always one of those things for me, so it’s been great for me to share with my students something that inspired me and has since I was their age. I never was great at skateboarding, but the art, lifestyle, and culture influenced me and still does to this day. They’ve learned the design process from start to finish with this project and the results speak for themselves!

 —​ Jay Jacoby, Art Teacher
Washington Elementary School


All Hands on Decks: A Skateboard Art Show

various artists | Boardroom and Balcony Galleries​

Skateboarding has always been a form of self-expression, whether it be the movement, the physicality, the culture, or the artwork on the boards themselves. Gathered here are a group of artists from a variety of different backgrounds, some of them have never picked up a skateboard and some who have been involved in the culture of skateboarding for a very long time. 

​​​The shape of a skateboard and the size of a skateboard lends itself to creating a piece of art that is much different than most other forms. This wide array of artists and art that are represented here are as diverse and wide-ranging as any show in recent memory. ​

Participating Artists:

  • ​​AMP
  • Esteban Aguilar  ​
  • Priscilla​ Brown
  • Liberty Burklow
  • Spencer Coco
  • Ric Dunwoody
  • Chris Foster
  • Jay Jacoby
  • Heath Leffel
  • Robert Lewis
  • ​Anthony Marshall
  • Brady Scott
  • Megan Shelton
  • Deirdre Smith 
  • Sloan Smith
  • Allison Stucky
  • Baxter "Slim" Suber    
  • Denzelle X 
  • Juanta Wolfe

On View at City Hall

Mixed Media Works

Anthony Dozier | City Council Office - City Hall

A native Wichitan,  Anthony Dozier has been exploring abstract painting and assemblage techniques as a self-taught artist for more than four decades.

In 2020, he was awarded the Neighborhood Superstar Award by Harvester Arts and Fisch Haus, which came with a cash award as well as professional development and an Open Studios residency.

Anthony's creative method stems from his childhood in the 1960s when he began to use visual arts as a way of coping with a speech impediment. “As a child," he says, "I went silent because I had no voice.” This led to creating artwork that would convey a message or thought through abstract methods rather than representational drawing. 

Today, Anthony uses recycled and green materials to explore and experiment.

Instagram: @anthonys_art56

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