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Drawing and Painting


​Character Design Illustration

Create professional and eye-catching character designs through theories and techniques using a pencil and paper. This online class will include shape, color, silhouette, and posing theories, as well as work on initial concept sketches, background work, and turnarounds or character sheets. Ages 10+

​Drawing Fundamentals

This course develops students' visual awareness and understanding of the range of drawing materials and techniques. Students will develop responses to the visual environment employing varied stylistic and technical approaches. Exercises will include still life, figure study, portrait, and cityscape (weather permitting). This class is also perfect for those just wanting to brush up on past skills.

Drawing with Soft Pastels and Charcoal

In this mixed media class, soft pastels are combined with charcoal to create representational drawings/ paintings. The class starts at a beginner's level. The student will become acquainted with the characteristics of these two traditional media and will acquire fundamental drawing skills, such as perspective, position, overlap, figure ground relation and other essential aspects. Drawing and painting desire is required for this hybrid course. Ages 12+

Drawing Fundamentals4/1-5/20Thu6-8pm$135W. Fathi
Drawing with Soft Pastels and Charcoal3/30-5/18Tue6-8pm$135W. Fathi


​Acrylic Painting

Learn to paint using various applications on a variety of surfaces. This class is mixed with beginners and more advanced students to provide a collaborative work environment with positive feedback from peers, all while exploring different methods of acrylic painting.

​Oil Painting

Learn how to get started in oil painting or improve and expand your current skills. You will gain the technical understanding of using oil paints in both a classic and modern way.

​Pet Portraits

Do you need a portrait of your beloved pet to put on display? You're in the right place! Have fun creating an abstract oil painting creation of your furry friend. Bring a photo of them for reference and be ready to have fun! 16+

​Pour Painting

Learn the art of pouring paint on a surface to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces. Express yourself through colors and textures in this 2-week class. Children under 8 should work with an adult. Students are responsible for providing a painting surface, all other supplies included. Ages 16+

​Resin Ocean

Create a tranquil ocean scene by mixing seashells, rocks, sand and Epoxy (resin). The result is a beautiful abstract painting with a huge "Wow!" factor! Students are responsible for providing a painting surface, all other supplies included. Ages 16+

​Watercolor Painting

Learn the basic techniques of watercolor painting, including flat and graded wash, wet-onto-wet and glazing. Various elements of design will also be covered. This class is designed for a beginner or someone wanting to brush up on their skills.

Acrylic Painting3/31-5/19Wed6-8pm$135W. Fathi
Acrylic Painting4/3-5/22Sat10a-12pm$135W. Fathi
Oil Painting4/3-5/22Sat12:45-2:45pm$135W. Fathi
Pet Portraits2/25-3/18Thu6-8pm$70S. Dyer
Pet Portraits4/1-4/22Thu6-8pm$70S. Dyer
Pet Portraits4/29-5/20Thu6-8pm$70S. Dyer
Pour Painting3/7-3/14Sun2:30-3:30pm$40E. Kurbanova


Pour Painting4/11-4/18Sun2:30-3:30pm$40E. Kurbanova
Resin Ocean3/7-3/21Sun12-1:30pm$60E. Kurbanova
Resin Ocean5/9-5/16Sun12-1:30pm$60E. Kurbanova
Watercolor Painting3/29-5/17Mon6-8pm$135W. Fathi
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