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Refer to "Scholarships" tab under "About Us" for the Cindy Pursell Glassblowing Scholarship application.

Paper Weights

Perfect for the beginner wanting to learn more about glass blowing. Learn how to navigate through the glass blowing process and create 2 paperweights, the starting point for future glass blowing projects. Age 16+

Memorial Paper Weight Workshop

In this one-day workshop, honor a loved one who has passed by creating a unique paperweight using a small amount of ashes with the colors of your choice. Create a beautiful glass creation to remember a loved one or pet. No previous experience necessary; our instructors will guide you every step of the way. Bring one tablespoon of ashes to create a timeless memorial. Age 16+

Paper Weight Hearts

Perfect for the beginner wanting to learn more about glass blowing.In this one day workshop, students will create two unique  heart paper weights. Age 16+

Paper Weights12/2Sat10a-12p$65Gary/Doug
Memorial Paper Weight Workshop12/10Sun2-4p$65Gary/Doug
Paper Weights12/16Sat10a-12p$65Gary/Doug
Paper Weights1/13Sat10-12p$65Doug/Aaron
Memorial Paper Weight Workshop1/21Sun1-3p$65Gary/Doug
Paper Weights1/27Sat10-12p$65Gary/Doug
Paper Weight Hearts2/4Sun1-3p$65Kelly/Doug
Paper Weights2/10Sat10-12p$65Kelly/Doug
Paper Weight Hearts2/11Sun1-3p$65Doug/Aaron
Memorial Paper Weight Workshop2/18Sun1-3p$65Gary/Doug
Paper Weights2/24Sat10-12p$65Gary/Kelly
Paper Weights3/2Sat10-12p$65Gary/Aaron
Memorial Paper Weight Workshop3/10Sun1-3p$65Gary/Doug


Learn the basics of this unique art form and produce different pieces and forms in hot glass. Demonstrations and instructions will be given for more complex forms. Beginners must attend the first class orientation. Glass fee is included in the class price. Note: Students must wear clothing made of natural fibers, a pair of tennis shoes and bring a pair of safety glasses. Age 16+

Glassblowing classes will resume in the fall.
Please call 316-350-3245 to enroll!​​
Please call 316-350-3245 to enroll!​

Please call 316-350-3245 to enroll!​

Please call 316-350-3245 to enroll!​

​Advanced Glassblowing

Take your glass blowing skills to the next level. This class offers advanced glass blowers the opportunity to work on personal or group projects with advanced instruction. Students must be able to punty their own piece or have instructor permission to enroll in the class. Age 16+

Advanced Glassblowing classes will resume in the fall.
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Experience glass blowing

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