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Past Exhibitions


January-February: "Art That Touches Your Heart-Black Art from Across the United States," group exhibition, "Sending Joy and Happiness- From Behind Prison Bars," by Royal Clark, "Unfinished Love - The Art of Malina Kae Finn Wagner​​";​ March - April: "Bold Color," by Virgil Penner, Washington Elementary 5th Grade Skateboard Show, "All Hands on Decks: A Skateboard Art Show," group exhibition; June - July: "Touchable Art: Manipulation Art Technique" by Verlene Mahomes, "Printmaking Through the Ages: An Elementary through College Art Show," group exhibition; August - September: ​"An Experience of Myself and Love Through Art," by Anthony Dozier, "We Are Here: Creating A Way Forward, Together," a group show by Juniper Arts Academy, "Indefatigable: Hell-Bent on Maintaining Strength and Heart," by Robin Valenzuela, "Beyond Imagination," by Kirk Brown​.​​​​


January-February: "Art That Touches Your Heart-Black Art from Across the United States"; March-April: "Hotel Tempus" by Tasha Wentling, "Let Them Fly" by Matthew Thonen, "Sea and Sun" by Tania Pemar, "Flow States" by Garrett Briggeman; April-May: "Order and Chaos" by Ryan Conway, "From Beginning to End" by Brooklynn Bolton, Paintings by Emerson, Oil Pastels by Madison Lang; June-July: "Language of my Soul" by Eileen McNeill, Mixed Media Works by Sheldon Draper, "A Murder of Mobiles" by John Waltner; August-September: "Composites" by Engy AlGarf, CityArts Front Desk Team, "DIGITAL/PHYSICAL" by Garrett Sigman; September-October: "Sculpted" by Aida Bell, "Afterhours Librarians" and "Cowgirls, Cowpokes and Digital Paint" by Steve Fairchild, "Conversations With You Look Like​​..." by Brittany Schaar; ​​​November-December: "Hard Wrought and Handmade" Printmaking Group Exhibition, "Articulation" by Janet Federico, "The Feels" by Brittany Stewart, "House Party" by Skylar Lovelace. ​​


January: “More Than A Glance” by Lori Wright; “The Past Until Now” by Kirk Brown; February-March: "Close to Home" by Cary Conover; "Guarded Treasures" by Dragon Master Foundation; "Art That Touches Your Heart"; April-May: "Together 21" by Northeast Magnet High School Students, "Behind the Lens" by James Mitchell, CPP, "An Abundance of Colors & Creatures" by Jamie Briggeman, "Greetings from Afar" by Ranal Harrell Young. June: “Color Wheels, Asia and Dreams: Contemporary Paintings” by Denise Brueggeman, “Chasing the Divine” by Shaunte’ Levine, “Longing for Paradise” by Emiliano Molina, “An Expressionist Sketchbook” by BC Rupp. July-August: "(re)line" by Aaron Jackson Bowman, "The Looking Glass," by students from The Looking Glass, "All Things Being Equal" by Hugo Zelada-Romero, "Teen Supreme" by CityArts Teen Pottery students. September-October: "Hard Wrought and Handmade" local printmaking group show, "Exploration of Life" by Kat Smalley, "35 Years of Old-School Photography" by Phil Anderson. October-November: "A Family Affair: CityArts Student and Instructor Exhibit"  including over 3 dozen artists, "Exploration of Life" by Kat Smalley, "Kansas Regionalism" by Virgil Penner. November-December: "Colorful Creations" by Tarah Lynn Clark, "Stillness" by Joshua A. Smith and Casey TZ Smith, works by William Stofer. 


January: “Intact Abstract” group show featuring Patricia VanOsdel, Kirsten Shannon, Josh Tripoli, Judy Dove, Dallas Dodge, Valerie Haring, Jim Phillips, Ann Resnick; “Beat of a Drum” by Carlos Soto, paintings by William Stofer, McAdams Academy Photo Exhibit; February: "Quilts: A Journey" by Theresa Harrison, "Love, to Cure Cancer... A Guarded Treasures Fundraiser" Juried Exhibition, "Abstract Garden" by Greg Turner and Lauren Fitzgerald; March: "Power Plant" by Joshua Heimsoth and Haylea Smith, "Going Big" by Michael Kline, "Boards in the Boardroom" by Washington Elementary Fifth Graders; June: "Unusual Horizon's" by Gregory Parker, "Summer Market" by Charlotte Patterson; July/August: "Before/After" by Brenda Jones and Ken Engquist, "James Apricot" by Josh Patton, "Adventures in Alcohol Ink" by Pam Hayes. September/October: "Before / After" by Brenda Jones and Ken Engquist, "Everyday Reflections" by Jeffery Burton, "Everyday Life in Quarantine" by Cody Flory Robertson, "Oliver" by Jacob Gasho and the Level 5 DSLR Photography Showcase. November: "334 Invitational" featuring Zach Arroyo, Kayann Ausherman, Charles Baughman, Barbara Behrend, Marc Bosworth, Janet Butler, Elizabeth Corbett, Daniel Gegen, Bill Goffrier, Mark Hennick, Jordan Kirtley, Jan Klassen, Matthew Miller, Tina Thomas, Greg Turner, Ranal Harrell Young; "A Celebration of Mixed Media" by Michelle Nooney; "Everyday Reflections" by Jeffery Burton. December: "Winter Comes to the Prairie" by Angela Muller, "Of the Earth" by Kayann Ausherman and Ceramics by Raoul Del Castillo.


February: “Clusters of Related Ideas” by Dale Strattman; “Authenti-City: Wichita in Oils” by Bill Goffrier; March: “Life and Beauty Amidst A War” by Josh Griffis; April: “A Retrospective” by Ann Krone; “Collage, Collage” by Judy Dove. May: “The Birds and the Flowers and the Trees” by Ande Hall; “Abstract of Overlooked Life” by Max Stewart; “Blue Evolution” by Aida Bell; June: “Suspended Trails/Animated Dreams” by Kathleen Shanahan, Mark Bosworth, “Reflection” by Daniel Gegen; July: “Atomic Kansas II” by Elizabeth Daniel, “Moods, Colors, Marks” by Barbara Haynes, “Up Close and Personal” by CityArts Macro Photography Students; August: “ Fresh Scrape” by Jim Simpson, “Lupoli Farms” by Lupoli Collective; September: “A Third Thing” by Kevin Kelly and Matthew Hilyard, CityArts Silver Students Jewelry Show, “Guarded Treasures” by Dragon Master Foundation; October: "Feathers and Talons" by Crystal Socha and Mike Scheufler, "Souvenirs" by Jeff Hetler, Homeschool Student Art Show collaboration with Butler Community College Integrated Learning Through the Arts; November “Arts Council Juried Exhibition” guest juror Michael McCaffrey.


January: "20x20: 20 Artists, 20 Years" featuring work by Charles Baughman, Marc Bosworth, Chris Brunner, Curt Clonts, Judy Dove, Rosemary Dugan, Dan Gegen, Christopher Gulick, Brad Hart, Diane Lincoln (in memoriam), Kevin Mullins, Steve Murillo, Veronica Remaly, Ann Resnick, Linda Robinson, Gino Salerno, Jennifer Wallace, Mary Werner, Martha Wherry and Kent Williams; January: "Red Stripe" by William Counter; "Surface Tension: Tibbs Glass Art" by Chad Droegemeier; "Barns of the Kansas Prairie" by Clyde Engert; "Flowers, Sins, Dogs and Me" by Dan R. Kirchhefer; February: "A Still Path" by Rob Compton; "In My Solitude" by Jan Klassen; "Active Imagination" by Lori Wright; "Nature Inspired" by Tracie Lyn Huskamp; March: "Off the Wall" silent art auction, benefiting the CityArts Scholarship Program; USD 259 Biennial Faculty Show; "Trent's View" by Trent Landreth; April: "No Middle Ground" by Tim Stone; "Sing in me, oh muse. And through me, tell the story." by Denise Irwin; "Intermixture" by Robin Valenzuela; "From Barbara's Bench" by Barbara Vogt; May: "Not To Be Seen" by Johnny Sutton; "Undiscovered Countries" by Laura Nugent; "Cosmic X-Rays" by Trisha Thompson Adams; "A Mixed Bag" by Curt Hutchens; June: "Doug Billings: A Retrospective (Sort Of)" by Doug Billings; "Things I've Wondered About" by Susan Bartel; "Something Different" by Curtis Haynes; "Effigies" by Matthew Leahy; July: “The Earth is a Rock” by Mike Miller; “Bibs & Forks 2: Concession Edition” co-curated with Dustin Parker; “Wired Cortex” by Graeham Jarvis; “Fiendish Flora” by Lauren Fitzgerald; August: “Pasture Survey: Kansas” by Michael Pointer; “On and Off the Wall” by Gary Lincoln; “Unfolding” by Kelly Johnson; “Domestic Morning” by Jackson Wilson; September: “Mishmash” by Dustin Parker; “#Polaroid #Prints” by Matthew Hilyard; “Quilts and More” by Theresa Harrison; “Layered Discoveries” by Susie Cunningham; October: “Arts Council Juried Exhibition” guest juror Rebecca Hoyer; “Return to Flight” by Brett Schauf; “Growing” by Alyssa Brookover.


January: "Instar" by Monika Meler + Annie Strader; "Open It" by Jordan Kirtley; "Small Talk to Small Self" by Micala Gingrich-Gaylord; "Sillage" by Heidi Cruz; February: "The Last Generation" by Richard Davies; "Fallout Shelter" by Kody Ramsey; "Cloudfarm" by Matthew Miller; "Women of Portals" by Erin Raux; March: "Testing" by Curt Clonts; "Ditch" by Conan Y. Fugit; "The Rhythm & Power of Landscapes" by Pam Hayes; "Pulp" by Philip H. Nellis; April: The 2017 Congressional Art Competition; "Myriad" senior showcase by Friends University senior art students; May: "Yard Work, Part 2" by Charlotte Martin; "Inspirations" by Karen Scroggins; "Persona" by Megan Ewert; "Dichotomies" by Sasha Chapek; June: "Movements of Threads" by Chiyoko Myose; "Fauna Fabrications" by Ande Hall; "Planted" by Emily Chamberlain; "Trail Head Visions" by Meredith Radke-Gannon; July: "F's Walk" by Wil Fathi; "Under the Cover," the art of the album, by Spektrum Muzik; "Hometown Love" juried graphic design exhibition, sponsored by Lifeboat Creative; "Despite It All, the Sun Still Does Shine" by Amy Herrmann; August: "Flapdoodle and Cogitation" by Craig Campbell; "Bibs & Forks Food Invitational" co-curated by Dustin Parker; "The Land of Bread" by Bread Nugent; "Rachel Foster; Paintings" by Rachel Foster; Photography Exhibition by Level 5 photography students; September: "The Long and the Short and the Tall" by Kevin Mullins; "Meandering" by Adri Luna; "Edit" by Desiree Warren; "colorGrok" by David Danao; October: CityArts Student & Instructor Show; "Abstract Impressionist Prairie Views" by Charles Baughman; "Glaze" CityArts pottery show; "Bounded Not Boundaries" by Envision artists; "Clubhouse Lunch: a Mysterious Land of Pictures" by John Pirtle; "Social Change" street photography exhibition; November: Arts Council Juried Exhibition; "Tentative Reality" by Dane Jones; "Social Change" street photography exhibition; December: "ISO 316" by Cesar Aguiniga; Gifts in the Gallery


February: "The Will, The Work, and Other Doubtful Murmurs" by Ethan Patrick Harris; Handsome Devil Puppetry presents: "Death and the Maiden" by Hannah Carter; "Various Narratives" by Lisa Graham; "Through the Eyes of a Tiger" by Cowley College art students; March: "Trial By Fire" by CityArts glass blowing students & instructors; "Portraits" by Rachel Foster; "Fluidity" by Lyda Andrews; "Ellipses" by Amelia Schroeder; April: The 2016 Congressional Art Competition; USD 259 Instructor Art Show; "Scatterbrained" by Butler Community College art students; May: "The Jobs of Yesteryear" by Tyler Voorhees; "Under the Surface" by Becky Hyberger; "Trail to Arrowwood" by Meredity Radke-Gannon; "Creative Catalyst" by Northeast Magnet High School AP art students; June: "From Sketch to Story" by Debbie Wagner; "Intuition: Paintscapes and Abstract Designs" by Holley Schmidlapp; "Untaming the Ordinary" by Kylie Millward; "Oro" by Joseph Rincones; July: "Spotlight" by CityArts Students & Instructors; "Body Narratives" by Robyn Young; August: "Artless" by various artists; The ARC of Sedgwick County Art Exhibition; "Mappings of Communication" by Envision artists; "Small Works" by Josh Tripoli; September: Wichita Sculptors Guild Exhibition; "Woman" by Kelsy Gossett; "Waiting for the Bus: Drive By Observations" by Connie Bonfy; "Sill: In Motion" by Tim Stone; October; "A Show of Children, an Affirmation of Childhood" by Dale Strattman; "Chapter 1: a Collaborative Ceramics Exhibition" by WSU students & alumni; "Home Movies" by Kristen Phipps; "Root Bound" by Kevin Kelly; November: The 2016 Arts Council Juried Art Show; "there is a little child and he never leaves" by Bernardo Trevizo Jr.; "FOUNDSOUND" by Ian Walker Stewart; 2016 Congressional Show Winner Exhibition by Rose Cunningham

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