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NOTE: CityArts is continually adding additional classes, seminars and specialty workshops. Private tutoring is available upon request.

​Creative Photography 101

This program was designed to give students the flexibility to drop in on workshops covering their subject matter interests/needs without having to commit to a full class session...BUT if you sign up for all summer workshops at once, you'll get one free! ($30 value, discount will show up in your cart when you add all workshops)​​.​​​
​​​​​​*A camera is not required to take classes​

Covering the Basics​​

In this class we’ll go over the basic functions of your digital camera and we’ll discuss digital file formats (RAW vs JPEG), and we’ll touch upon aperture, ISO, shutter speed (aka the exposure triangle).​​

All About Aperture​

We will discuss the historical origins of the camera obscura and take a deep dive to look at why understanding aperture on your camera is so crucial. Hands-on demonstration of depth of field.​​

Filling the Frame​

In this class we’ll dissect the various aspects of photographic composition, from Fibonacci to the rule of thirds, and layering to leading lines. ​

Landscape Photography

This is a session that is dedicated to those who enjoy landscape photography. Two main topics will be discussed: high dynamic range photography as well as panoramic photography.​


There are many approaches to the genre of portraiture, and many technical aspects to consider such shooting with flash vs available light. But the interpersonal dimension between the subject and the photographer (and by extension, the audience) is equally relevant. We’ll discuss all these ideas and do an in-class demonstration.

Adobe Photoshop Basics​

This is a demonstration class that will go over the basics of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Bridge. The emphasis will be about setting good workflow habits, and creating a reliable file management system. We will also cover the basics of picture editing and sequencing, image delivery, etc.

Intro to Photojournalism​

This will be a look at the field of photojournalism and a discussion of photojournalism ethics. ​

Business of Photography​

Issues in contemporary professional art and commercial photography. Contracts, usage and rights. Portfolio development and marketing. Live Q&A with professional photographers.


For this class, a small selection of your work will be looked at in a live critique setting by a panel of professional photographers. Please bring a flash drive with up to 5 images.

Creative Photography 101 - Adobe Photoshop Basics10/18Wed6-8p$30C. Conover
Creative Photography 101 - Business of Photography11/01Wed6-8p$30C. Conover
Creative Photography 101 - Critique 11/8Wed6-8p$30C. Conover
Creative Photography 101 - Filling the Frame9/26Tue6-8p$30C. Conover
Creative Photography 101 - Intro to Photojournalism10/25Wed6-8p$30C. Conover
Creative Photography 101 - Landscape Photography 10/4Wed6-8p$30C. Conover
Creative Photography 101 - Portraits 10/11Wed6-8p$30C. Conover

Experience DSLR Photography

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