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NOTE: CityArts is continually adding additional classes, seminars and specialty workshops. Private tutoring is available upon request.

​Creative Photography 201

This program was designed to give students the flexibility to drop in on workshops covering their subject matter interests/needs without having to commit to a full class session...BUT if you sign up for all summer workshops at once, you'll get one free! ($30 value, discount will show up in your cart when you add all workshops)​​.​​​

Adobe Photoshop Basics

This is a demonstration class that will go over the basics of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Bridge. The emphasis will be about setting good workflow habits, and creating a reliable file management system. We will also cover the basics of picture editing and sequencing, image delivery, etc.

Architecture Photography

Photographing a building is harder than it looks. We will discuss some scouting methods and have a guest speaker. We'll also cover some approaches toward getting cleaner building views through a Photoshop perspective demonstration.

Color vs Black and White

Color vs black and white is a classic debate. We'll tackle it head first, and also have a socratic seminar on what's more important in our photography: facts or aesthetics? This will be a heavy conversational class, so please bring your ideas and be prepared to contribute to the discussion.

A Sense of Place: Urban Landscape

This will be a live workshop taking place in Old Town. Photographers will have a limited of pictures to take and will submit 5-7 pictures from their outing for a live critique. Laptop strongly recommended.

Photographing People

There are many considerations when it comes to photographing people on location: time of day, lighting accessories, posing, etc. We will discuss photographing families vs individuals. Live demonstration featuring a model.


We will discuss astrophotography with your own cameras as well as with telescopes. Tips and tricks to get the best photographs of the moon, the Milky Way or star trails.

Moving Pictures

For this class we will go over creative applications for photography such as musical slide shows, timelapse, GIF animations and the parallax effect. We will also cover the basics of video created with a DSLR camera.

Creative Critique: Finding a Point of View

Finding a visual signature and creating a sense of authorship is a skill that comes with much practice. This class is about taking your photography to the next level. As our final class of the summer, it will also feature a live critique of submitted work.​

Digital Photography

​Digital Photography Level 5

​This class includes two hands-on 1/2 day location shoots, two classroom critique sessions, competition ready instruction, print & mounting and more. After completing Levels 1-5, students will receive a certificate of completion. Enrollees will be emailed details & location for the outing the week of the first class, as well as a handout. Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 required or instructor permission.

Ages 16+

5/20...6a-12p, Meet on location
6/3...9a-2p, Classroom
6/10...6a-12p, Meet on location
6/17...9a-2p, Classroom​

Creative Photography - A Sense of Place: Urban Landscape6/28Wed6-8p$30C. Conover
Creative Photography - Adobe Photoshop Basics6/7Wed6-8p$30C. Conover
Creative Photography - Architecture Photography6/14Wed6-8p$30C. Conover
Creative Photography - Astrophotography7/19Wed6-8p$30C. Conover
Creative Photography - Color vs Black and White6/21Wed6-8p$30C. Conover
Creative Photography - Creative Critique: Finding a Point of View8/2Wed6-8p$30C. Conover
Creative Photography - Moving Pictures7/26Wed6-8p$30C. Conover
Creative Photography - Photographing People7/12Wed6-8p$30C. Conover
Digital Photography-Level 5 5/20 6/3 6/10 6/17Sat6a-12p; 9a-12p$170C. Snodgrass

​​New! Photography Workshop Series

The CityArts Photography Club invites all local and regional photographers to participate in a FREE Saturday morning workshop series this winter!

Each meeting of the series will focus on a specific subject matter and will combine a workshop-style setting, along with a lecture format. Workshops will take place at 10 a.m. in the Photography Studio at CityArts on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month, starting on Saturday, January 21st​. All Saturday workshops will feature a new topic of discussion.

No registration is necessary. Participants should plan to bring a flash drive with 3-4 of their favorite images – for critiquing. ​ ​​

Each week we'll cover a different topic, including:

  • Cameras & Gear
  • Photographing Nature
  • Sports Photography
  • Photojournalism
  • Landscape Photography
  • Using Props & Special Effects
  • Learning About Photo Competitions
  • Using Photography To Tell a Story
  • Cell Phone Photography
  • Macro Photography
  • Using Editing Options to Enhance Your Photos
  • Night Photography (Shooting the Moon - LOL)
  • Photographing People
  • Scoping Out Fun Places for Photography Field Trips​

Experience DSLR Photography

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