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​DSLR Basics: course handouts will be emailed prior to first class. Equipment/supplies: personal DSLR, related manual and tripod (if available). Classes recommended for ages 14+. Contact the front desk for class details. NOTE: CityArts is continually adding additional classes, seminars and specialty workshops. Private tutoring is available upon request.

​Introduction to the DSLR

This basic entry-level class is designed to familiarize you with the different DSLR camera functions. The class is designed for beginners who are starting to learn about digital photography and their DSLR camera and include lessons in menus, buttons and settings.

Introduction to the DSLR10/12-11/9Mon5:30-7:30 PM$40C. Snodgrass
Introduction to the DSLR10/12-11/9Mon3-5pm$40C. Snodgrass
Introduction to the DSLR11/16-12/14Mon3-5pm$40C. Snodgrass
Introduction to the DSLR11/16-12/14Mon5:30-7:30pm$40C. Snodgrass

​DSLR Photography

​Level 1

In this class, your camera will be in full manual mode as you learn topics of complete control and understanding of aperture, shutter and ISO. You will look at how they all work together to achieve equivalent value exposure, histogram and custom white balance. Intro required or instructor permission.

Level 2

You will advance your ability to use DSLR features and knowledge of the basics of photography, including lens perspective and distortion, balanced exposures, photographing water drops, panning, close up photography and more.

Intro, Level 1 required or instructor permission.

Level 3

Get ready for an interactive experience that covers lighting, patterns, filters, external flash units, controlling natural light, reflectors, action/sports photography, low light and nighttime photography. Night outings may take place in addition to the normal class schedule.

Intro, Level 1 and 2 required or instructor permission.

​Level 4

This class is all about the rules of composition and lighting. You will learn and practice Forced Perspective Photography techniques as well. Photo assignments will be given throughout the class that will be evaluated to prepare you for Level 5. Intro,

Level 1, 2 and 3 required or instructor permission.

Level 5

This class combines everything you’ve learned through all the levels, one step closer to mastering the art of taking great photographs. It will include two big outings and two classroom sessions involving hands on instruction and critique. The ending result will be a competition and exhibition of your best work.

Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 required or instructor permission.

DSLR Photography, Level 110/13-11/10Tue3-5pm$70C. Snodgrass
DSLR Photography, Level 110/13-11/10Tue5:30-7:30pm$70C. Snodgrass
DSLR Photography, Level 111/17-12/15Tue3-5pm$70C. Snodgrass
DSLR Photography, Level 111/17-12/15Tue5:30-7:30pm$70C. Snodgrass
DSLR Photography, Level 210/14-11/11Wed5:30-7:30pm$80C. Snodgrass
DSLR Photography, Level 211/18-12/16Wed5:30-7:30pm$80C. Snodgrass
DSLR Photography, Level 310/15-11/12Thu5:30-7:30pm$95C. Snodgrass
DSLR Photography, Level 411/19-12/17Thu5:30-7:30pm$95C. Snodgrass

​Best Cellphone Pics Ever! NEW

This fun two hour workshop is taught by a professional photographer, using some of the techniques and best practices that the pros use! Subjects will be provided for you to photograph. Let's elevate your cellphone photography skills and have some fun!

Requirements: Must bring a fully charged Cellphone that student is familiar with. Make sure there is space available on the phone for photos before the workshop.

9/30Wed5:30-7:30pm$20C. Snodgrass

Beyond Level 5 Series Part 1 Guided TourNEW

BeyondLevel5-1.jpg BeyondLevel5-2.jpg BeyondLevel5-3.jpg

MARION COUNTY (and maybe some Chase County) 

Saturday, October 17 and/or Sunday, October 18

Presented by Level 5 Photography Guide Phoebe Janzen and JD Bauman

We will take you down country roads for landscape photos, country road photos, and chances to see wildlife. You will see several areas around the Marion Reservoir to take landscape and water scape photos.  We often see several kinds of birds on these outings on the water, in the trees and resting on bushes and barbed wire fences.  We will lead you through some interesting country.

Meeting time is 2:30 PM at 304 South Main Street in Hillsboro.  We will plan to end up at a nice place to take sunset photos by the water.  Once we know the number of individuals attending, we will correspond with attendees with options for supper for the evening as take out.  We will have a mud route and a dry weather route.  You need to have a vehicle that is NOT low to the ground, and with good tires.

Students should bring their camera, any lenses, tripod, and water. We won't be near any restroom facilities for the most part once we leave from my house. There are always trees to go behind. Bug spray if you are prone to mosquito or chiggers, and a small flashlight if you want to take any night photos once the sun goes down. You may also want to bring a lawn chair or something to sit on if we have a sack lunch or if we purchase a dinner to go. We will be in rural areas so that has limits for things such as food and bathrooms. All students are welcome, however this outing is designed with Level 5 students in mind.

There is a limit of ten (10) vehicles each day. 
$50 per person, per day or $80/per person for both days. 

Call CityArts at 316-350-3245 to enroll.

Experience DSLR Photography

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