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Youth Classes

​All supplies included, unless notated otherwise.

​Drawing & Painting

​Kawaii Drawing Workshop

Learn to make anything irresistibly cute using the Japanese style of Kawaii— "cute" in Japanese. Turn cakes into adorable smiling characters, scary monsters into cuddly friends, and make any animal super cute! Students will be working with pens and colored pencils. By the end of the class you will complete an adorable sticker to take home with you. Skill level Beginner.

Beginner Drawing Concepts

This class is geared towards teens, where we will learn the beginning concepts of drawing techniques. Using charcoal and still lifes, this class will push them beyond simply drawing what they see, to really capturing the essence of what they are observing accurately and artistically. They will learn drawing concepts that will further their art practice such as gesture drawing, line, visual measuring, and shading. All supplies included. Ages 12-18

Creative Processing

In this one day workshop, students will create a process painting. A process painting includes application of layers with mixed media. Each layer is to depict an emotion the student experienced that day or in their life, while focusing on the present moment. The end result will be a compilation of colors, images, or symbols the student can reflect on in future days. Students are welcome to bring their own canvas or art materials for class. Ages 6+

Teen Manga

In this course students will learn the “ins” and “outs” of Manga writing and creating. Each lesson will cover one step in the manga making process. By the end of the course every student will have completed a fully inked manga page. Age 13-18

Beginner Drawing Concepts6/9-7/14Thu6-8pm$120R. McDaniel
Beginner Drawing Concepts7/21-8/25Thu6-8pm$120R. McDaniel
Creative Processing7/19Tue10-12p$25T. Alexander
Creative Processing7/21Thu10-12p$25T. Alexander
Creative Processing7/25Mon1-3p$25T. Alexander
Creative Processing7/27Wed1-3p$25T. Alexander
Kawaii Drawing Workshop6/11/22Sat10-11:30am$25B. Bolton
Kawaii Drawing Workshop7/9/22Sat10-11:30am$25B. Bolton
Kawaii Drawing Workshop8/13/22Sat10-11:30am$25B. Bolton
Teen Manga6/7-6/28Tue3:30-5:30p$80B. Bolton
Teen Manga7/5-7/26Tue3:30-5:30p$80B. Bolton

​Mixed Media

Hand Kite Workshop

A one-class craft workshop for little ones to make something they'll enjoy, a hand kite! This workshop will be a simple way to get their creative juices flowing, whilst also practicing fine motor skills, such as tying knots! All supplies included. Ages 4-9

Sensory Exploration

Students will explore various sensory mediums and create personalized sensory tools to use at home or in the community, to assist with self-regulation and mindfulness. Students will also learn and practice several coping skills, such as breathing exercises, meditating and managing feelings. Ages 6-15

​Young Creatives

Explore a variety of art methods including drawing, painting, clay, photography, and more! Create fun and interesting art to add to your young artists’ gallery. All supplies included. Ages 6-12.

Hand Kite Workshop6/11Sat10-12pm$25R. McDaniel
Hand Kite Workshop7/9/22Sat10-12pm$25R. McDaniel
Hand Kite Workshop8/6/22Sat10-12pm$25R. McDaniel
Sensory Exploration7/18Mon10-12p$25T. Alexander
Sensory Exploration7/20Wed10-12p$25T. Alexander
Sensory Exploration7/26Tue1-3p$25T. Alexander
Sensory Exploration7/28Thu1-3p$25T. Alexander
Young Creatives6/7-6/28Tue5:30-7pm$55Staff
Young Creatives7/5-7/26Tue5:30-7pm$55D. Hughes
Young Creatives8/2-8/23Tue5:30-7p$55Staff



​Teen Pottery

Teens will explore basic wheel throwing techniques, hand-building and glazing. All supplies included. Ages 11-16

​Youth Handbuilding

This class is good for youth students who are too young to operate a throwing wheel but would still like to experiment with clay. In this course, students will learn pinch pots, slab building and coil building. An array of projects can be created in this class: doggy/kitty dishes, ceramic shakers, bird houses, animal sculptures., etc. Low pressure and fun for young kiddos looking to create. Ages 6-11

Teen Pottery6/6-6/27Mon5:30-7:30pm$85K. Smalley
Teen Pottery7/11-8/1Mon5:30-7:30pm$85K. Smalley
Teen Pottery8/8-8/29Mon5:30-7:30pm$85K. Smalley
Youth Handbuilding6/7-6/21Tue5:30-7pm$60K. Smalley
Youth Handbuilding7/12-7/26Tue5:30-7pm$60K. Smalley
Youth Handbuilding8/2-8/16Tue5:30-7pm$60K. Smalley

Cubism Selfie

Students enjoy drawing and assembling their own unique self-portrait using inspiration from Picasso's cubist portraits.

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