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Record Retention Schedules

​It is the policy of the City of Wichita to organize, secure, maintain, and support a record retention and destruction policy that will facilitate and sustain day-to-day operations; support predictive activities such as budgeting and planning; assist in answering questions about past decisions and activities; and demonstrate and document compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and standards.​​​

Arts and Culture.pdfArts and Culture
City Clerk.pdfCity Clerk
City Council Office.pdfCity Council Office
City Manager's Office.pdfCity Manager's Office
Communication Team.pdfCommunication Team
Finance Department.pdfFinance Department
Fire Department.pdfFire Department
Housing Department.pdfHousing Department
Human Resources.pdfHuman Resources
Information Technology.pdfInformation Technology
Law Department.pdfLaw Department
Metrpolitan Area Planning Commission.pdfMetrpolitan Area Planning Commission
Municipal Court and Probation.pdfMunicipal Court and Probation
Neighborhood Services.pdfNeighborhood Services
Parks and Recreation.pdfParks and Recreation
Police Department.pdfPolice Department
Project Management.pdfProject Management
Property Management.pdfProperty Management
Public Works and Utilities.pdfPublic Works and Utilities
Transit Department.pdfTransit Department
Urban Development.pdfUrban Development