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​​​Name Job Title​ Email​ Phone​
Brandon Whipple
(316) 268-4331​
Brandon Johnson
Council Member, District I​ (316) 268-4331​
Becky Tuttle Council Member, District II​ (316) 268-4331​
Mike Hoheisel
Council Member, District III​ (316) 268-4331​
Jeff Blubaugh​ Council Member, District IV​ (316) 268-4331​
Bryan Frye​ Council Member, District V​ (316) 268-4331​
Maggie Ballard​ Council Member, District V​I​​ (316) 268-4331​​
Casey Yingling
Supervisor, Office of Community Services​ ​(316) 268-4331
Lynn Matsler
Scheduling Assistant​ (316) 268-4331​
Norma Ramos
Office Manager
(316) 268-4331​

About City Council

The mission of the City Council is to provide policy direction for the City of Wichita in developing, implementing, and maintaining services to the citizens of Wichita.

The Council establishes policy direction for the City by enacting ordinances, laws, policies, adopting the budget, levying taxes, and appointing members to citizen advisory boards and commissions. The seven-member Council is elected to four-year terms on a nonpartisan basis with staggered terms of office. The Mayor and City Council Members can run two consecutive four year terms. The Mayor’s position is full-time, while Council Members are part-time. Salaries and election years vary per year.

Six Council members are elected by district, and the Mayor is elected at-large. 

Visit the Sedgwick County Election Office for more information about upcoming elections.​