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Neighborhood Clean-up Program

Program Guidelines & Eligibility Process

  • Neighborhoods are responsible for getting volunteers, disseminating information to neighbors, and organizing the event. Volunteer sign up sheet must be completed and submitted with application.
  • Neighbors must complete 1-hour mandatory neighborhood clean-up training.
  • MABCD staff will no longer be available to monitor neighborhood clean-ups.
  • Neighborhood clean-up area median income must fall in the "very low to low-moderate" income bracket to qualify for the "no cost - city funded" clean-up program.

Income Levels

  • Neighborhoods whose median income is "high" will NOT be eligible for a city-funded clean-up.
  • Neighborhoods will only be granted 1 clean-up per year.
​Median Income
​Very Low
​9,849 - 22,180
Low - Moderate​ ​22,180.01 - 44,360
Moderate​ ​44,360.01 - 88,720
High​ ​88,720.01 - 208,594

How to Apply

Download and print/fill out the Neighborhood Clean-up Application.

2023 Neigh​​​borhood Cleanup Application​​

Need more information?

Contact your District Community Service Representative.

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