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The City of Wichita Municipal Court is a limited jurisdiction court, authorized by City Ordinance with jurisdiction to adjudicate violations of the City Code. The City of Wichita Municipal Court is the largest limited jurisdiction court in the State of Kansas.

Five Municipal Court judges, appointed by City Council, preside over misdemeanor cases such as driving under the influence, petit theft, prostitution, domestic violence and drug violations. Municipal Court judges also hear cases involving environmental and nuisance violations, as well as traffic infractions. Municipal Court adjudicates approximately 30,000 court cases each year. Administrative Judge Jennifer Jones coordinates the efforts of Municipal Court's Judicial Division.

The Municipal Court Clerk's Office and the Probation Office assist judges in adjudicating cases and providing court services to customers, defendants, and probationers. The Municipal Court Administrator oversees both divisions and works closely with the Administrative Judge to ensure cases are adjudicated in a fair and impartial manner.

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