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​Higher Education

Wichita is home to an impressive array of top-rated educational institutions and collaborative partnerships that focus on producing a workforce that is not only technologically prepared, but also possesses a strong work ethic. Included are the a list of largest and enrollment:

  • Wichita State University - 16,000 students
  • University of Kansas - 28,500
  • Kansas State University - 22,000
  • Friends (Faith Based)- 2,000
  • Newman (Faith Based)- 1,819
  • Butler Community College - 13,000
  • Hutchinson Community College - 4,500
  • Cowley County Community College - 4,500
  • Wichita State University Tech- 5,000

K-12 System

In Wichita, the focus of K-12 education is "choice." Both public and private schools offer an array of educational options for primary and secondary students. The K-12 education system in Wichita includes public, as well as a number of private and parochial school systems. Magnet schools, international baccalaureate programs, numerous parochial, Montessori, and other options typify Wichita's commitment to education.