Who must comply with the NDO?

Any employer within the City limits that has four or more employees, any person who is engaged in the sale or rental of housing (with an exception for owner-occupied structures with no more than four rental units), or who offers goods, services, facilities or accommodations to the public must comply with the ordinance. The governmental entity of the City of Wichita must also comply with the amendment.

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1. What is the intent of the NDO?
2. What does the NDO protect?
3. What does sexual orientation and gender identity mean?
4. Who must comply with the NDO?
5. What are examples of public accommodations?
6. How does the NDO affect restrooms and changing facilities?
7. What does the NDO allow me to do if I believe I have been discriminated against?
8. Are any boards or commissions involved?
9. Will there be a filing fee for a complaint with the City?
10. What are the penalties?
11. Is discrimination a crime?
12. Can a complaint be filed against a person who makes an offensive comment or gesture toward someone because of any characteristic of the individual?
13. When will the NDO be effective?