What are the benefits of the project?

Benefits will include:

  • Significantly advance regional water quality. This project will reduce Wichita's nitrogen contribution to the Arkansas River and Mississippi/Atchafalaya River Basin by an estimated 70% and result in an over 80% phosphorus reduction. Flow from the 180 square mile service area is consolidated and treated using advanced treatment technologies achieving biological nutrient removal (BNR).
  • The project is in alignment with regional and national water quality objectives (Kansas Nutrient Reduction Strategy, Arkansas River Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL), State Ammonia Criteria Updates), reduction in the Gulf hypoxic zone, and provides significant ecosystem benefits for those downstream communities that depend on the Arkansas River for either drinking water source or recreational uses.
  • Significant rehabilitation of two, critical wastewater facilities aged between 42 and 64 years.
  • Creates an estimated 550 construction jobs and six trained, professionally certified post-construction jobs.

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1. What will the project address?
2. What is being done at each of the facilities?
3. What are the benefits of the project?