How is the project being paid for?

Designing and building a new water treatment facility is a large and complex investment in Wichita's infrastructure that will serve future generations.

The City is focused on delivering a state-of-the-art facility at the best possible value to ratepayers.

The City submitted its WIFIA application on October 29, 2019, a key milestone toward achieving a water-secure future for Wichita.

Wichita is only one of 39 communities invited to participate in the Wi-FiA application, recognizing the quality of the city's planning efforts.

Wi-FiA financing is advantageous to ratepayers as it is the only low-interest loan program available that allows debt payments to be deferred until five years after construction is completed.

This unique repayment plan allows for rate increases to be much more gradual to support the project.

Northwest Wichita Water Facility Cost Infographic

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1. What is the City of Wichita doing to minimize the project costs?
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3. How is the project being paid for?