What do you like about being a police officer?

I have worked in the community policing unit since 2005. I like that I have the capability and resources to get people the help they really need, whether it's a bicycle to go to work or collecting gifts for kids in the domestic violence shelters during the holidays, etc. I work with seniors to help them with services and companions through our TRIAD program. I like going to community events, chatting with citizens, hanging out with the kids, and letting people see that officers are human too. I get the opportunity to help solve issues that may not be criminal, but does affect the quality of life for people.

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1. What year did you start?
2. What did you do previously before WPD?
3. Why did you want to become a police officer?
4. What do you like about being a police officer?
5. How has your experience been as a female police officer?
6. Why should more females think about becoming a police officer?