What is being done to control rabies?

Rabies in wildlife is difficult to control. Humans can be protected by having pets immunized; specifically, pets that could contract rabies from exposure to wild animals. 

It is required by law that dogs, cats, and ferrets be currently vaccinated against rabies. Dogs must be licensed every year.

Vaccination & Licensing of All Dogs

The City of Wichita and unincorporated areas of Sedgwick County and almost all cities in Sedgwick County require annual rabies vaccinations and licensing of all dogs by pet owners. 

In Wichita and Sedgwick County, all cats must be vaccinated.

Strict Enforcement of the Leash Law

In Wichita and some other cities in Sedgwick County, all dogs must be confined by a leash, rope, chain, or within a fenced area or building sufficient to maintain the dog on the owner's property, but not necessarily confined.

Stray Dog Pick-up

All citizens should report stray animals to their local control agency. In Wichita, call Animal Control at 316-350-3360. In other areas of Sedgwick County, call Sedgwick County Animal Care, at 316-383-7070.

Investigation of Animal Bites

All reported animal bites in Wichita are investigated by Wichita Police Department personnel to prevent human death from rabies transmitted by a rabid animal. Any specimen that is sent away for testing will be shipped on Monday through Thursday. All animal bites occurring in Wichita should be reported to Animal Control at 316-350-3360.

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